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Canadian Fishing Cabins

Updated on June 29, 2010

Fishing is a popular sport throughout much of the world, but especially in Canada where walleye, pike, trout, and bass are plentiful. If you’re planning a fishing trip in Canada, a Canada fishing cabin may be the best option for you. Canada fishing cabins vary greatly in size, location, and amenities provided, so you should be sure to choose a fishing cabin that will suit the needs of you and your family or fishing companions. 

How to Choose a Canada Fishing Cabin

Canada fishing cabins offer you the most convenience for your fishing trip at a reasonable cost. Choosing the cabin that’s right for you depends first and foremost on where you want to fish. Ontario is renowned for its excellent fishing—particularly walleye fishing, which is the country’s most sought-after fish. British Columbia offers 20,000 kilometers of coastline on the Pacific Ocean as well as over 25,000 lakes to choose from and is popular for Canada pike fishing. Wherever you choose to fish, look for a fishing cabin that is in close proximity to the best fishing spots.

Next, consider the amenities that the fishing cabin provides. Some cabins offer little more than the structure itself and a bed frame and mattress, requiring guests to bring their own linens and cookware. Others provide these things and other necessities like television or high-speed internet access. Also, be sure to find out if the cabin you’re considering has cell phone service, air conditioning, or showers (often a communal shower house) if these are priorities for you. Also consider the layout of the cabin. Some fishing cabins are one-family units, while others may contain rows of beds in a communal sleeping area with a shower house attached.

Since fishing cabins cater exclusively to fishermen/women and their families, Canada fishing cabins will also provide services and resources to make your fishing trips as easy as possible. All fishing cabins provide some type of fish cleaning station for you to clean your catch. Many provide gas grills to cook your fish, as well as boat rentals for use in your trip. If you plan to bring your own boat, be sure that the fishing cabin area you are staying in also has a fueling station on the dock. 

What to Bring to Your Canada Fishing Cabin

What you will bring to your Canada fishing cabin depends upon the amenities the cabin will provide. At minimum, you should bring your fishing tackle, weather-appropriate clothing, beach towels, waterproof shoes, first aid kits, flashlights, and snacks/food for your time out on the lake or river. Also don’t forget life jackets for small children or for yourself where appropriate.

Image Credit:  kasperbs, Flickr


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