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Updated on October 19, 2010


Capoeira (Capoeira) - martial art developed around the sixteenth century at the beginning of Brazil's African slaves. This is a martial art, characterized by distinct elements, acrobatic, high jump, feet in the air strikes, as well as lots of dancing, deceit, and even acting elements. Here crossroads fight, dance and play. Capoeira style is quite a lot and each of them has different characteristics. Depending on the style of fighting may be more dominated by speed, acrobatics, plastic, or true dexterity.

Capoeira is distinguished from other martial arts not only because it is one of the most retained their original form and at least asimiliavusi fight with other species, but the fact that it is absolutely integral to the music. Music dictates the pace of the fight, rhythm, style, inspired, give militants strength and energy. Certain songs even dictate rules of the game invites you to fight against specific individuals. Capoeira music and play in circle.

Capoeira history

The war dance emerged in Africa and was brought to Brazil. This is the country's culture and history of the element. Unable to defend themselves from the new host of weapons and being able to unite the different cultures, slaves could not fight against the prisoner, but after the work day, they gathered to sing and dance in the fire. Men danced a ritual dance, which quickly degenerated into fighting. Mask your workouts as ritual dances of African cultures, participants in a twisted kicks and headers, not touching your opponents, and they counter attack acrobatic backward step, which would turn suddenly from defense to attack. Viewers sang, clapped their hands, and played drums under the berimbau rhythm. Song lyrics were about a happier life and freedom. Slaves trained with the hope that they will be like capoeira way to independent living.

Mood of rebellion among the slaves are strengthened, and finally in 1888 slavery was abolished. When the first Brazilian constitution capoeira has been banned since the Rio de Janeiro gang members began to use the martial arts, robbing rich and all profits giving to poor people. Slaves fled to the underground, and only 50 years ago, it again became legal. Teacher Bimbo (Bimbo Mestre - Capoeira Regional style creator) through the arts in 1930 was publicly recognized as a legitimate sport, and very important part of the culture of Brazil.

In 1970 first time this art of martial art was showed in USA, now it's practicing in all world.


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