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St. Louis Cardinal Baseball

Updated on April 3, 2015

Cardinal Baseball Fans - HIGH FIVE!

Saint Louis is a baseball town and Cardinal fans are dancing in the streets with baseball fever. Our Redbirds championed the MLB World Series 2011, then made the MLB postseason playoff games again in 2012, 2013 AND in 2014! In the Lou we call that RED October.

The Cardinals' World Series run of 2011 was one to go down in history. Then the Cardinals made post season MLB play for the next three consecutive seasons! STL is HOT! Redbird fans are LOVING these annual Red October celebrations, 4th year in a ROW!

Saint Louis is proud of our Redbirds, our impressive new Busch Stadium, and now ELEVEN World Series titles!

Carpenter, Molina, Wainwright, Craig & Holliday have all been hotter than a firecracker. We're especially proud of Yadi-Yadi-Yadi! - BEST catcher in the MLB!

Here you'll find the best in Cardinal baseball stories, jokes, videos, news and gifts for fans. Pull up a chair (and maybe a brat and a beer) while you browse .Play a couple of the Cardinal theme songs on video below too, one EPIC collection!

The Redbirds earned the name ''The Cardiac Cardinals' as a come from behind and NEVER GIVE UP team!

2014 makes the FOURTH consecutive year that the Cardinals made it to post season play.

Baseball fans in St. Louis LOVE Red October!

Mike Matheny is the New Cardinals Manager

La Russa retires after 16 seasons with the baseball Cardinals.

On the morning after the huge 2011 World Series celebration rally and parade in downtown St. Louis, Tony La Russa announced that he'd retire as manager of the baseball Cardinals. While Cards fans will congratulate La Russa for going out on top, they will also miss LaRussa dearly.

The buzz in town back then was about who might leave the team besides Pujols. Most fans were actually glad to see him leave, but did not hear about Tony LaRussa retiring until that morning. Considering his 33 year long career as manager and that he fought some intense challenges with his health this year, his decision to retire is understandable.

St. Louis Cardinal baseball fans welcomed Mike Matheny in the role of the new skipper in 2012. The Cardinal Baseball Managers have been some of the very best in MLB history from Whitey Herzog to Red Schoendiest to Joe Torre and Tony LaRussa.

DID YOU KNOW? Matheny is the first MLB Manager ever to have a team in the postseason FOUR years in a row! * 2011 * 2012 * 2013 * 2014 *

The quote below was true in 2011 and every bit as true in 2014.

The Cardinals...a team with its karma at full throttle.

— USA Today 10-17-11

Cardinals World Series on DVD - 2011 MLB Word Series - Epic!

Cardinals Win 2011 World Series! DVD

The 2011 MLB World Series was an epic baseball competition all the way to the very last out!
Baseball fans will never ever ever forget game #6 especially.
Game #6 nearly caused heart attacks, ergo 'the Cardiac Cardinals'
Yet the entire series was one to go down in history and stand out as one of the best EVER in World Series Baseball.
You can bet the die-hard fans won't mind watching this one again and again.

image:  CrossCreations
image: CrossCreations

Has the Cardinal's mascot, Fredbird, given birth to a baby squirrel?

image: STL Today.
image: STL Today.

What's a Rally Squirrel?

STL mediaa and fans cheered with a new mascot who appeared during 2011 postseason, a live squirrel!

Yep, during a 2011 postseason game at Busch Stadium, a squirrel ran right across the plate just before a pitch to Skip Schumaker.

Now in full Cardinal regalia, the rally Squirrel rules postseason playoffs in St. Louis.

Get the full story about the Cardinals Rally Squirrel .

Mine eyes have seen the glory

of the coming of the CARDS

they will trample down the MLB

with baseballs, bats & gloves

We have our fans and Fredbird

& we have Matheny too.

The CARDS go marching ON!

Red October in St. Louis
Red October in St. Louis | Source

MLB Postseason Madness in St. Louis...

You know it's Red October and the Cardinals are rocking postseason MLB when...

You walk in to your neighborhood grocery and are greeted by ... Cardinal baseball mania! Giant chocolate chip decorated cookies, cupcakes and more adorned with Cardinals and baseballs.

You walk into a store like Kohl's looking for Cardinals stuff, and they are OUT! Nada.

Our Redbirds make front page news whenver you pick up a newspaper. Turn on the local news, and you will be greeted by the Cardinals latest and latest antics.

CARDINALS Fan Favorite Music!

...just for YOU Cards fans, we have four choices of favorite Cardinal Fan Songs to listened to while you scroll around, so choose below...

Choices here, links below:

#1 = "Lord I Was BORN a Cardinal Fan" to the tune of ... (you KNOW this) ... OK clue you in..."Lord I was BORN a Travelin' MAN" ~ Alman Bros.

#2 = "Don't Stop Believing!"

#3 = "We are the Champions!" of the WORLD! :-)

#4 = "We're Talkin' BASEBALL" by Terry Cashman (my FAV version with chorus..."Stan the Man, Stan the Man, Stan the Man!

Lord I was Born a Cardinals Fan! - Cards Fan Theme Song - Play it while browsing if you like.

To the tune of 'I Was Born a Travelin' Man' by the Allman Brothers, this song is a classic favorite for Cards Fans. Lyrics included in this fun video.

Don't Stop Believing! - Chicago Cubs Satire

Couldn't resist including this funny video about the Cubs and their fans, who never stop believing.

Champion Cardinals Tribute Video - "We Are the Champions ... of the World!"

Excellent slideshows of Cardinal highlights through the years, to the tune of

'We are the Champions!'.

We're Talkin Baseball in St. Lou - CLASSIC St. Louis Cardinals Song

This video is such a delightful collection of Cardinal baseball history, and yet includes many of the current players too! All set to one of the BEST Cardinal baseball tunes ever!


Best Dressed Cardinal Fan Prospect? - Cardinals Fan 2006

Cardinals Favorite Team Rivals

Cubs, Reds, and Tigers...oh MY!

Cards fans love slamming the Cubs, and vice versa. That team rivalry goes a long way back in Cards vs. Cubs history. Busch Stadium is always packed than when the Chicago Cubs come to town. The rivalry between the Cards & Cubs is a friendly one that has continued for decades.

Cubbies fans are die-hard, of course. Very friendly and fun folks, those Chicago Cubs fans. I remember enjoying them in the bleachers at Wrigley Field while they happily sang tunes to us like..."The Redbirds are Deadbirds, trala - trala!'

Will the Cincinatti Reds become the new hot rival for the Cards?

Seems quite likely after the 2010 season. However the Cards VS Cubs is a friendly rivalry, and not so friendly events happened with the Reds. A very different kind of rivalry.

Cubs Prayer

Cubs Prayer
Cubs Prayer

Debate: Pujols $30 Million Contract? - Baseball Fans Shout OUT!

Early in the 2011 season, news of Pujols asking for $30 million contract per season was met with mixed views from baseball fans. No player in the MLB has EVER been paid that much. Some say that we should cut our losses to keep the best player in the MLB no matter what. Others find his contract request to be greedy and outrageous, and that we should just let him go without even trying to meet such demands.

So...what's YOUR take? Shout out. Should Cardinals Baseball managers have agreed to Pujols contract request?

Yes, the best in baseball. The Cards should keep him no matter what.

Yes, the best in baseball. The Cards should keep him no matter what.

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    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Yep - he deserves it.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      First of all, don't the Cardinals have only one manager? And isn't it up to the owner(s) ultimately? But to answer your question, Pujols has been playing for less than he could make elsewhere for more than a few years. I want him to stay here, but I can understand if he would want to make more money while he can. I'm not sure why one of the choices (the 2nd one) is so negative toward him. Leaving for more money does not make him big-headed. If you could go work somewhere else and get a huge raise, wouldn't YOU do it?

    • garyrh1 6 years ago

      The Cardinals would be idiots to let the best current MLB player go, especially when he would be way, way underpaid compared to other players of his caliber.

    Naw, let him and his ego move on. No player should earn that much.

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      • QuizSquid 3 years ago

        I think history is proving that the Cardinals made the right decision.

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        Has anyone heard of common sense, whew!

      • Carolan Ross 5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

        Lauren, yes I might choose to make money elsewhere but I am not already a millionaire. The question is whether ANY single player in the MLB should make that much and if so, then has baseball become moneyball? When one player demands such a price, then how can teams afford other players - given it IS a team sport?

      • anonymous 6 years ago

        Pujols started out saying he give credit of his ability [of being great at playing baseball] to GOD. I guess that was before he found out he could bankrupt the cardinals with a ridiculous contract. Your stinken rich now. I guess you want to be filthy rich like Matt Holiday,Derek Jeter,A. Rod etc. You guys make me sick. Get a real job,work your a-- off like the rest of us idiots that pay to see you overpriced idiots play a kids game. I have always loved the cardinals. But I don't think Pujols deserves to get paid that much. REALLY?? REALLY??? COME ON. It's the St.louis Cardinals that Pujols plays for not the New York STANKEES..Shame on you Pujols [a christian HA HA ] and I'm President of the United States{sounds just about as beleiveable right HA HA} One of many ticked off fans!

      • Carolan Ross 6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

        It's been great having Pujols, he's a legend. Yet lousy priorities are quite clear here... that money and greed come long before the game of baseball. If we pay him that much, there's no money left in the player salary budget for signing other quality players. Sad. It's a TEAM sport, Albert!

      Cardinals Win World Series 2006

      We beat the Tigers...hehehe.

      Take a smile break with this photo ...

      circulated during the

      2006 post season

      when the Cardinals

      won the World Series

      against the Tigers.

      GO Cards GO!


      Cardinals VS Cubs: Genie & 3 Wishes

      A little boy is walking down the street one day and finds a genie jar. He opens it and out comes a genie. Here is the conversation:

      Genie: "I'll give you three wishes."

      Boy: "I wish for an XBOX 360, a PSP and....peace in the middle east."

      Genie: "Where is the middle east, little boy?"

      The boy pull out a map and shows him where the middle east is.

      Genie: "Uhm, I don't think I can do that, little boy. Do you have another wish?"

      B: "Well, could you make the Cubs win the World Series?"

      The genie pauses and then says:

      "Lemme see that map of the middle east again."

      cards vs cubs
      cards vs cubs

      Another Cardinals VS. Cubs Joke Break

      A first grade teacher explains to her class that she is a Chicago Cubs fan. She asks her students to raise their hands if they were Cubs fans too.

      Not really knowing what a Cubs fan was, but wanting to be like their teacher, hands explode into the air. There is, however, one exception. A girl named Lucy has not gone along with the crowd.

      The teachers asks her why she had decided to be different. "Because I'm not a Cubs fan."

      "Then," asks the teacher, "what are you?"

      "Why I'm proud to be a Cardinal fan." boasts the little girl.

      The teacher is a little perturbed now, her face slightly red. She asks Lucy why she is a Cardinal fan.

      "Well, my Dad and Mom are Cardinal fans, and I'm a Cardinal fan too!"

      The teacher is now angry. "That's no reason," she says loudly.

      "What if your mom was a moron, and your dad was a moron, what would you be then?"

      A pause, and a smile. "Then," says Lucy, "I'd be a Cubs Fan.

      MLB Fans Sitting on a Roof...

      A Tigers fan, a Rangers fan, and a Cubs fan were sitting on the roof of a 3-story house.

      The Tigers fan says

      "This is for Detroit" and jumps off the roof.

      The Rangers fan says

      "This is for Texas" and jumps off the roof.

      The Cardinals fan says

      "This is for America" and pushes the Cubs fan off the roof.

      Smart fans don't buy gear at the stadium or high-priced retail shops. Get more for less online at amazon and eBay.

      Cardinal Nation Clothing

      My favorite Cardinals hoodie ===>>>

      Folks in St. Louis don't just wear their Cardinal baseball stuff when going to the game. We wear it year round with HUGE pride!

      Pricing on Cardinal gear at Busch Stadium can be pretty high. Smart fans find MUCH better deals on Cardinals t-shirts, hoodies, hats and much more at Amazon.

      Wouldn't this sign

      be just fine

      in your driveway?

      On the garage?

      or on the street?

      This Cardinals Boulevard sign

      says it ALL!

      FUN gift! Also comes in MRS. Potato Head ===>

      I know of an elementary school teacher who uses this Cardinals Mr. Potato Head everyday in the classroom.

      Her sudents get to add a piece to Mr. Potato Head for great behavior and when complete his entire body, they earn freetime. Smart AND fun!

      Chicago Cubs
      Chicago Cubs

      More Cardinals VS. Cubs Jokes ...

      What's the difference between a Yankee Stadium hotdog and a Wrigley Field hotdog?

      You can buy a Yankee Stadium hotdog In October!

      Did you hear the Cubs have eliminated take your kids to work day?

      The kids kept beating them!

      What do the Cubs and possums have in common?

      They both play dead and get killed on the road!

      Cardinal Nation Fever.  Pass it ON!
      Cardinal Nation Fever. Pass it ON! | Source

      Generations of Cardinal Nation

      Does Cardinal blood run in your veins?

      Come from many generations of Redbird fans?

      I do.

      Sending this image to dad in heaven.

      Well played,dad!

      Have FUN here?

      LOVE to hear from Cardinal Nation

      also friendly MLB fans from all over the US.

      THANKS for shouting out below.

      St. Louis Cardinals Guestbook

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        • QuizSquid profile image

          QuizSquid 3 years ago

          Great lens! Spring training is right around the corner. Time to gear up!

        • CrossCreations profile image

          Carolan Ross 3 years ago from St. Louis, MO

          @jmchaconne: McGwire is a hometown hero, both then and now. I read about your cross-country bike tour, that's very impressive!

        • jmchaconne profile image

          jmchaconne 3 years ago

          This lens brought back great memories. In 1998, I took three of my kids and a bike mechanic on a bike tour across America. One of the highlights was a in St. Luis, where we were invited to Bush Stadium to watch Mark McGwire and the team at practice. Thank you for a great lens and a chance to reflect on that wonderful experience.

        • groovyfind profile image

          Samantha Devereux 5 years ago from Columbia Mo

          WooHoo Go Cards!

        • CrossCreations profile image

          Carolan Ross 5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

          @Holley Web: Agreed. Game 6 of the 2011 World Series nearly gave us heart attacks, ergo the "Cardiac Cardinals" !!! Unforgettable!

        • Holley Web profile image

          Holley Web 5 years ago

          Those were some great games! I will never in my life forget Game 6 though. Totally awesome! Congrats!

        • CrossCreations profile image

          Carolan Ross 5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

          @anonymous: BIG Smiles! :-) :-) :-) Chills is right, WOW! We are HOT HOT HOT!

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          I don't know what I was thinking in that last comment but had to come back and congratulate you, I have chills! Even Squidoo is excited, my security word is "twitwow"!

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          Tremendous fan year for sure!!!

        • CrossCreations profile image

          Carolan Ross 5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

          @BuckHawkcenter: You Betcha! Actually after the stretch of wins in late season to even GET to Phillie, they are already Champions, HOT-HOT-HOT!

        • BuckHawkcenter profile image

          BuckHawkcenter 5 years ago

          Oh, yes, the year of Cards - 2011! On to take out the Phillies!

        • BuckHawkcenter profile image

          BuckHawkcenter 6 years ago

          Too sad this year, but I'm holding out for next year. We were just too close!! But loved your lens anyway! And the jokes are too great. Lensrolling to my Rams Fan lens, just for fun. Keep the fans together.

        • Wednesday-Elf profile image

          Wednesday-Elf 6 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

          Did you see Yadi hit his 2nd Grand Slam this week? I've been watching the Cardinals (and the Cubs) every single day all season (got that 'TV baseball package :) and have so enjoyed my baseball viewing this summer. Soon -- like in 3 weeks - I will be able to be close to my Cardinals once again -- am moving to St. Louis!

          I loved this lens about St. Louis Cardinal Baseball back at the beginning of the MLB season in April -- and still love it here near the end of the season. September brought me some 'angel wings', so I have returned to leave a ~~Squidangel Blessing~~

        • CrossCreations profile image

          Carolan Ross 7 years ago from St. Louis, MO

          @Wednesday-Elf: I'll admit to being somewhat of a Cubs fan, too, believe it or not. Years ago used to go up to Chicago and see games at Wrigley Field and ya know those Cubs fans really impressed me. Maybe true fans of baseball are challenged with loyalty to only one team. I enjoy the Cards/Cubs rivalry, but still like the Cubs. And yes, if the opening game in Cincinatti yesterday is any indication of the 2010 season, then the Cardinals rule MLB! Puhols and Yadi and Grand Slams...YES! One HELL of a season opener! Yadi is a particular favorite of mine, so seeing him open the season with a 1st ever career grand slam was absolutely awesome. Watch Yadi-Yadi-Yadi!

        • Wednesday-Elf profile image

          Wednesday-Elf 7 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

          You know I love Baseball and my favorite team is the St. Louis Cardinals. Watched them beat Cincinnati today on Opening Day with Pujols having 2 home runs and "Yadi" hitting a 'Grand Slam'. Baseball and the Cardinals are Back! Life is Good!

          Am lensrolling this fun Cardinal fan page to my Collection of Cardinals in Baseball lens - some of my favorite past and present Cardinal players. Enjoy baseball season!

          Am lensrolling this

        • AppalachianCoun profile image

          AppalachianCoun 7 years ago

          Fun lens! We really enjoy baseball and appreciate all the different rivalries being Cincinnati Reds fans. 5*

        • CrossCreations profile image

          Carolan Ross 7 years ago from St. Louis, MO

          @RhondaAlbom: Giggles and Guffaws and LOL to you Rhonda. I'm tellin ya... the Cards/Cubs rivalry is HOT here, part of the big picture of being a Cardinal fan. WAY fun. Bet you laughed in spite of your Chicago self. It's all good. :-)

        • RhondaAlbom profile image

          Rhonda Albom 7 years ago from New Zealand

          Well, This anti-cubs page is not at all what I expected when I came to the Cardinal Baseball fans page. You poor confused girl.

        • luvmyludwig lm profile image

          luvmyludwig lm 7 years ago

          Great job on this, Congrats on Rocketmoms Graduation.

        • verymary profile image

          Mary 7 years ago from Chicago area

          oh man, I know 2 people in this house who would love these gifts! (rapid Cards fans, even though we live in Chicago....long story...) 5* for a nice compilation

        • SandyMertens profile image

          Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Frozen Tundra

          Very nice gifts!

        • oztoo lm profile image

          oztoo lm 7 years ago

          Plenty of support here for all Cardinal fans. Love the joke intermissions.

        • CrossCreations profile image

          Carolan Ross 7 years ago from St. Louis, MO

          [in reply to clouda9] YEP, hubby is right. You BETcha the Cards are in the playoffs again and this town is FIRED up!

        • clouda9 lm profile image

          clouda9 lm 7 years ago

          Certainly jam-packed with a little something for any Cardinal fan! Hubby tells me your Cards are in the play-offs...WOot!