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Caristico, Volador and the Return of the CMLL Running Diary

Updated on October 20, 2017

I have no rules in life...except I do because I'm making up one right now. When there's a day that features me watching Ultima Lucha Tres, part four for the third time, followed by Caristico vs. Volador Jr. for the Leyenda de Plata, a running diary is required for the latter. Did that make sense? Good, cause the running diary is back and it's starting right now, extended intro not included. This is what happens when I start things so close to show time. Moses, you know what to do.

9:33: We are live, we are a little late and that's okay because the show doesn't appear to have started just yet! Good. Why am I late you ask? Did you not see the opening paragraph? I was busy watching UL3 part four again! It's like Titanic for me; I can't stop watching it and it somehow gets better every time I see it. The only thing missing is Billy Zane. Lovejoy, FIND HER!

9:35: Still no start yet. Anyone getting worried that the WWE's health crisis has hit CMLL and that's the reason? Are we allowed to joke about that yet or is it still "too soon?"

9:38: Still nothing. In the old days I'd start typing out the lyrics for Pink Floyd's "Waiting for the Worms." I've matured beyond that though; now I'm just thinking of all the horrible ways to hurt Claro Sports if the stream isn't made available.


9:42: A live look at lucha twitter right now.

9:43: At the rate we're going this is going to be the shortest running diary in the history of western hemisphere, not to mention the worst decision I've made since I uttered the famous quote, "time to see how good Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 is." Let's move on now.

9:46: You know what sucks the most right now; Oro Jr. and Star Jr. are probably having dual great performances right now that make me (a noted defender of the two) look really good, only we can't see it. Excuse me while I go re-enact Charlton Heston's last few lines from Planet of the Apes.

9:47: Resisting urge to type Pink Floyd lyrics. I won't give in!


9:52: The first match, which we've missed a good chunk of, is Oro Jr. and Star Jr. vs. Sangre Azteca (with a new look) and Disturbio. Big night for Disturbio and Star Jr. considering they've earned a trip to Japan and all. And no, I don't know who either slept with to get the gig.

9:53: Sweet double submission by Disturbio and Azteca to get...did they win or did they just win the fall? It sounds like they won the match, but we'll wait and see. If that was it, I enjoyed the two minutes I watched.

9:55: And that was it! I'm telling you, there's a 90% chance Oro and Star Jr. did dueling tornillos during that match and we missed it because CMLL and Claro couldn't get their shit together. Lucky for them I've already rage quitted once tonight and need to recharge during this Pegasso/Rey Cometa/Guerrero Maya vs. Dragon Rojo/Polvora/Misterioso match.

10:00: The good news; Sagrado is in for Rojo (a slight upgrade). The bad news; CMLL has given Polvora a faulty rifle again. DO NOT DISRESPECT THE GREAT POLVORA PACO! Especially since you only made him and Cometa captains of this match.

10:02: Misterioso and Maya will start. Did you know Maya was the inspiration for the Rob Thomas/Santana smash hit "Smooth"? You do now!

10:04: Polvora and...Pegasso?! COME ON CMLL!

10:05: Sagrado and Cometa are now in. And yes, Polvora-Pegasso was exactly what you'd expect; short, disappointing and full of Pegasso wishing he could go back to ten years ago.

10:06: Rey Cometa is working like he saw what was planned for the match after this one. Translation; that's a great sign for the next match! Meanwhile Maya is looking super smooth till Sagrado puts him down with a Sling Blade. Cometa then sends him to the floor with a rana, then makes the mistake of putting Polvora on the top rope. POLVORA DRIVER TIME BABAY! A solid fall one goes to the rudos.

10:07: If you follow me on Twitter (@CultIcon) you will see me doubling down on my Polvora fandom right now. No I'm not ashamed to admit it and you should all just give in and support Polvora already! Fall two has started by the way.

10:09: We have settled into the rudo beat down portion of the match. I don't mind this tonight as it'll give me a chance to break out my old comeback meme! Last time I used that there were still people out there who believed in Zack Snyder. Was I one of them? In the words of Xander and Anya, I'll never tell!

10:11: SURPRISE ROLL UP! AND THE RUDOS SNUFFED IT OUT! That never happens. Unfortunately Sagrado and Misterioso immediately fall victims to surprise roll ups of their own and stay down, tying this match up. Dammit all; I was really looking forward to using that comeback meme.

10:13: Sagrado is so good he made Pegasso look young again. Like Bon Jovi, he has the power to turn back time. I can't believe I just used that line. Maya is currently being smooth as silk with Misterioso by the way.

10:14: #PushGuerreroMaya. And more Polvora-Cometa while we're at it. They're doing solid work right now.

10:15: Cometa was poised for a near fall on Polvora, then Sagrado kicked his face off. Pegasso foolishly ran in after this, leading to the rudos retaking control. Luckily they make the mistake of sending Pegasso back into this corner, getting Maya and Cometa involved. Things then go horribly wrong as Cometa and Maya, two guys who never mess anything up, suddenly mess things up!

10:16: To recap the fuck ups, Cometa overshot a top rope sunset flip roll up, and Maya then messed up a launching rana. Guarantee that never happens again. The action continues, Polvora and Cometa end up outside and Cometa gets swung into the barricade. This leaves Maya and Pegasso all alone in the ring and they quickly fall victim to Sagrado and Misterioso to give the rudos a win. They tried and they may have succeeded in Maya and Cometa hadn't turned into the Centella Roja's at the end. I blame Pegasso; his mere presence rubbed off on them and made them 10% worse! Let this teach CMLL that Magnus should be used in Pegasso's spot from now on.

10:19: It's Soberano time and LOOK AT THAT SNAZZY NEW JACKET! He's teaming with Angel de Oro and CMLL Aniversario headliner Niebla Roja to take on the New Dinamitas (Cuatrero, Forastero and Sanson). Every time Soberano and the Dinamitas have been together this year it's been magic; this should be no different, unless Roja and Oro are slumming it.

10:22: Sanson and Niebla Roja are the captains. More importantly, EDGAR IS THE REF! If this match sucks, it'll be the biggest upset since Shakespeare in Love beat Saving Private Ryan.

10:24: Roja's either Forastero or Cuatrero. ALL Y'ALL LOOK ALIKE! Seriously, can we get these guys to get different masks so we can tell who is who?

10:25: Sanson and Angel de Oro in. The Sanson/Soberano feud will have to wait. Shame.

10:26: That sequence ends quickly and it's SOBERANO TIME! He's in with Forastero and the pace immediately picks up, with both guys doing cool athletic shit. Soberano then sends Forastero to the floor, Cuatrero comes in and drops Soberano right on his head. Roja comes in like a rocket and with the help of Soberano sends Cuatrero to the floor.

10:27: Oro in with an arm drag. All the rudos are on the floor, but they get back in quickly to break up the triple dive. Roja tries a roll up, but the rudos stop it and the beat down is on.

10:28: The sweet triple teams are on, and Cuatrero nails Oro after a double backbreaker to get our first pin. Soberano is in and is actually putting up an impressive fight till he gets caught on the top rope and DRILLED WITH A TOP ROPE BLUE THUNDER BOMB! It's 1-0 rudos with a strong start. All three rudos, Soberano and Roja looked great.

10:30: The rudo beat down rolls on to start fall two. It's okay though; it's the Dinamitas doing it. It's like James Cameron doing the same old thing, only it doesn't matter cause it's James Cameron and you know it'll turn out okay.

10:32: Might this be the match where the comeback meme makes a comeback?!

10:32: YES!

10:33: SOBERANO HAS LOST HIS MIND AGAIN! He does the Hector Garza tornillo to the floor (which by the way followed a great Roja/Oro double team). Roja and Oro take care of the rest, getting dueling submissions in the ring to tie it up. I don't know about you, but I've got a good feeling for this third fall.

10:35: My cat has joined me for fall three. She's a big Soberano fan. Who isn't though? Looks like Roja and...I'm gonna guess Cuatrero will be starting.

10:36: Roja can't chop down the tree...until he does! Nice shoulder block. He then nails a kick and begins to tear at the mask till Sanson and Cuatrero come in. There we go; it was Forastero in the ring!

10:37: Whatever Roja has been doing since losing the mask, he needs to keep doing it. Good sequence before he gives way to Soberano and Forastero.

10:38: Soberano is putting on a free clinic right now with some of these headscissors he's doing. Unreal.

10:39: Oro is in, he's doing stuff not quite as well as the other guys, everyone's on the floor and OH MY GOD THAT IS TWO MOONSAULTS AND A SENTON OFF THE POLE BY SOBERANO!

10:40: Oro with a triangle moonsault into the ring, with Sanson coming in for the save. He hits a Blue Thunder Bomb out of the Torture Rack position, forcing Roja to make the save. Roja looks caught and WHAT A TORNADO DDT! Cuatrero in to break that up. He hits a Codebreaker, leading to Soberano breaking that up. GET ME A WATER!

10:41: How Roja got that rana off I have no idea. He then hits a pitch perfect tope con hilo and ORO JUST BROKE OUT THE SPACE TIGER DIVE! It is indeed a special night!

10:42: The Dinamitas are triple teaming Soberano. He gets caught in the corner and IT IS MONKEY FLIP TIME! Oro comes in to save the pin and nearly gets Forastero in the Billy Goat's Curse. Cuatrero picks him and hits a Nail in the Coffin, Roja with the save, Forastero with the save, SO MANY SAVES! Soberano then hits the 900, only for Forastero to make the save there.

10:44: We're on the stage and FORASTERO JUST HIT SOBERANO WITH THE CANADIAN DESTROYER ON THE RAMP! Roja and Oro are disposed of in the ring and Forastero explodes from the ramp for a running springboard dropkick! That will do it; the Dinamitas win yet another incredible trios match featuring them and Soberano. WOW! Somewhere, Caristico and Volador are worrying about how they'll follow that, before realizing their Caristico and Volador and will be just fine! Still, what a match!

10:48: In a rare case of CMLL doing a good job planning ahead, the next match is an obvious cool down bout; Sam Adonis, Pierroth and Rush take on Negro Casas, Terrible and Rey Bucanero (aka Rey Rey Buc!). The good news is that Sam-Casas is a hot feud right now and Rush seems to love picking on Casas every time they face each other, so the heat will be off the charts, even as Pierroth makes you long for the days of La Mascara.

10:52: That pop for Casas was so loud I thought I had suddenly been transported to a Metallica concert! The usual Ingobernables style beat down is starting this match, with Rush hilariously waving the Trump flag.


10:54: Evidently you can only tape a man to the ropes for so long! Sam and the Ingobernables are DQ'd for unnecessary roughness and the technicos take fall one. Just building heat thus far.

10:55: There is absolute chaos in Arena Mexico right now. In fact, here's a live look.

10:57: Rush, Sam and Casas are having a three way brawl in the crowd right now. You'll be stunned to know the crowd LOVED this. Is it too late to change Sam-Casas to a Sam-Rush-Casas triple threat? Or would that be too hot for Arena Mexico to handle?

10:58: The tide has turned! Casas taking it to Sam, Bucanero and Terrible (who are in fact still in this match) are fighting Rush and Pierroth; MASS HYSTERIA!

11:00: I don't know if this is a good match or not, but it's succeeding in getting the crowd invested. Sam is currently running for the hills while Pierroth fixes Rush's hair. How nice of him!

11:01: Terrible and Rush are currently re-enacting their feud from a few years ago. HUGE SLAPS! Crowd is eating this up. Pierroth prevents Terrible from taking control, and the Ingobernables do their signature taunt that somehow hasn't gotten old.

11:02: Terrible strikes back! He avoids a few moves, nails a left and OH MY LORD WHAT A SUICIDE DIVE! Bucanero follows that up by DIVING INTO THE SEATS! Rush and Casas go at it in the ring and Casas has the match won till Rush pulls Tirantes out of the ring. Sam tries to fake a low blow...only for Tirantes to not fall for it and award Casas the DQ win! That's a twist. That may have been the lamest finish of all time, but everything to that point was super fun and built up Sam-Casas accordingly. I expect challenges to be issued post haste.

11:04: No challenges; hmm. We get the promo for next week (hyped up by Niebla Roja) promising a lot of super cool people but no specific match. Guess my prediction of Caristico-Volador II is still alive!

11:07: Semi-main time! Valiente, Diamante Azul and Mistico take on Mephisto, Gran Guerrero and Ultimo Guerrero. This has potential, but it'll be interesting to see if the guys are trying to make this good or doing their best to get in, get out and hit their dinner reservation while Caristico and Volador tear the house down.

11:08: You'll never believe this, but UG and Mistico are captains.

11:10: Diamante and the GG will start. Surprisingly good chain wrestling from these two, further proof that Gran Guerrero has turned into a lucha wizard while no one was looking. No sooner do I say this are they out, with Valiente and Mephisto taking their place.

11:11: I wish Valiente would do the Valiente Special tonight. Let's see if this 11:11 shit actually works. As we speak, UG, GG and Mephisto have taken complete control and are wiping out Diamante Azul on the floor. Good stuff.

11:13: Stalling corner senton by the UG on Mistico. Just like that it's 1-0 rudos and we appear to be in coast mode. And yes, that last sentence was my attempt of trying to jinx this match into becoming good. Will it work? Find out on the next exciting episode of ULTIMO GUERRERO Z!!!!!

11:14: Was that the second splash Diamante Azul has taken from Gran Guerrero? Did he trash UG's car today or something?

11:15: Hmm, GG and Mistico heading towards the stage. IT'S A TRICK! The technicos make a comeback, with Diamante hip tossing UG and GG back into the ring. Mistico barely gets off a Diamante assisted rana, Diamante hits a stage clothesline and just like that Diamante and Valiente go suicide dive crazy! In the ring Mistico gets UG in La Mistica (to huge boos) and we're tied! Aside from Mistico's sloppy rana I thought the fall worked well. No Valiente Special yet, so cannot confirm if 11:11 is real or the biggest lie since "Armie Hammer is a good actor."

11:17: Fall three begins with Mephisto and Valiente. Mephisto controls for a moment in the corner before making the predictable mistake of sending Valiente to the other corner, leading to him getting his ass kicked.

11:18: Valiente doing work! He chases GG from the ring, then chases him around the floor as UG begs for him to get in the ring. So he tag Mistico. HERE COME THE BOOS!

11:19: For one moment, Mephisto was the most popular luchador in Mexico. What a moment.

11:20: Mistico owns both UG and GG, hits a rana off the top to the floor and GG and then seems to soak in the boos. If CMLL were to ever turn this dude rudo, it would be tonight with him screwing over Caristico. Will they have the balls though? Meanwhile, Diamante Azul is owning everyone!

11:21: The Guerreros tried to turn the tide, failed, and then were forced to take two awesome one armed Diamante backbreakers (GG), a Monkey Flip (UG) and a running senton off the ramp (UG). Great stuff.

11:22: GG hits a top rope reverse powerbomb while Mephisto hits Valiente with the Devil's Wings. The rudos are victorious again! What we learned here is that you can't put Mistico in front of a big crowd without him getting treated like Roman Reigns, the 11:11 thing isn't real (NO VALIENTE SPECIAL!) and even in coast mode these guys are really good. Easily the third best match of the night. Yes, I'm already putting Caristico-Volador in the top two even though it hasn't happened yet.

11:23: Reading some of the tweets from lucha twitter tonight is concerning. I'm pretty convinced some of them could witness the greatest match ever and they'd be like "eh." If I ever become that jaded, take me out back and make what happened to Old Yeller look like a happy ending.

11:24: Ladies, gentlemen, former WWE fans I convinced to watch this show tonight by promising the original Sin Cara, it's time. Caristico vs. Volador Jr. for Leyenda de Plata is next. It's top star of the 00's vs. top star of the 10's, redemption vs. establishment, and so many other stuff that cannot be put into words properly by someone like me. And on that note, I'll be shutting up for a moment or two!


11:29: Heat is huge for this match and it could get bigger; both Volador's Sky Team teammates are ringside, with Mistico in his corner and Valiente in Caristico's. Tirantes is also ref. DRAMA EVERYWHERE!

11:31: Fast paced start with Caristico and Volador stalemating till Caristico sends Volador to the floor and hits a GORGEOUS tornillo style dive. Wow, that was old school Caristico there.

11:32: 619 by Caristico. He goes for a springboard, but dives right into a Volador super kick to the gut. Volador then hits a backcracker and just like that it's 1-0 Volador. Lots of boos for that result. Great start; Caristico's dive was great and the finish as strong. We are in for a good one!

11:33: Fall two is off and they're going fast again. DOUBLE HANDSPRING! Volador then sends Caristico to the floor with a headscissors and hits an awesome tope con hilo in record time. I was certain there wasn't enough time for Volador to hit this and yet he did!

11:35: Caristico looks a little shaken up there. Or not! He's back in it and WHAT A CODE RED ROLL UP! Caristico is back in to huge cheers as he ties the match up. Here comes what should be an epic fall three.

11:37: MISTICO/CARISTICO STARE DOWN! CMLL continues the tease and Volador uses the distraction to get the advantage and crotch Caristico on the barricade outside. Caristico is in the seats, but Volador showing no signs of doing a dive into the crowd just yet.

11:38: Volador now crotching Caristico on the ring post. He then taunts the crowd and sips on a soda. ALL HAIL RUDO VOLADOR! He then brings Caristico back in and does the Chris Jericho "one foot on the chest" pin for a near fall.

11:39: The crowd heat is off the charts right now. Caristico hits the ropes and hits a rana. To the floor goes Volador and WHAT A RANA TO THE FLOOR BY CARISTICO! He's back in the ring, drops to his knees and enters a prayer like trance. Awesome sequence.

11:40: Back in the ring, Volador takes a moment to get up. He does and Caristico nails a springboard splash for a near fall. Both men now slow to get up. Eventually they do and Volador sends Caristico to the ramp with a hip toss. UH OH!

11:41: They are working their way up the ramp. Caristico nails a kick on Volador and further up they go! This time Volador nails a rana, climbs up the stage and HERE IS THE STAGE DIVE BABAY!

11:42: Caristico counters quickly with an awesome Monkey Flip on the ramp! Mistico and Valiente are now on the ramp themselves getting the crowd hyped. You know, cause they aren't hyped already. Caristico then charges Volador and gets back dropped into the ring! Volador covers, but Caristico gets out at the last second.

11:44: SLAP FIGHT! KICK FIGHT! Caristico works Volador to the corner and hits a clothesline, but Volador counters right away with a superkick. Both men are down.

11:45: Volador now is back dropped from the ring to the floor. UH OH! Caristico hits the ropes, but Volador ducks and forces Caristico to slide up. Volador then pushes Caristico into the barricade and steals a kiss from a fan at ringside. ALL HAIL RUDO VOLADOR! And yes, he took another sip of soda/water.

11:45: INTO THE CROWD GOES VOLADOR! I smell a Caristico dive in...AND THERE IT IS! Running senton off the barricade and onto Volador.

11:46: Volador just stole a drink and washed himself off with it. CLASSIC RUDO VOLADOR! Both men make their way back to the floor, only for Voaldor to toss Caristico back into the seats. Caristico fights him off, jumps on the apron and nails a rana! WHAT ELSE CAN THEY DO?!

11:48: UH OH! We're going up top...or were till Caristico kicked Volador off. They brawl on the floor before Caristico gets back in the ring, hits the ropes and NAILS a tope con hilo. He quickly gets back in goes to the corner and hits the classic Mistico crossbody off the ring post to the floor!

11:49: We're going up top again AND THAT IS A SPRINGBOARD SUPER RANA BY VOLADOR! AND CARISTICO KICKS OUT! No one, not Volador, the crowd, Tirantes, even the announcers can believe it!

11:50: We're up top again. Volador is caught and THAT IS A SPRINGBOARD DOUBLE STOMP BY CARISTICO! Another near fall, though not as close as the last one. Then again, the only thing closer than that last near fall was Game 7 of last year's World Series. Trust me on that one.

11:51: DON'T GO FORO THE MOONSAULT CARISTICO! Sadly he did and Volador blocked. Luckily Caristico is just barely out again. They are timing his near falls perfectly.

11:52: We are just living on the top rope right now. Volador goes up, Caristico hits a kick, they're both up...TOP ROPE SPANISH FLY BY CARISTICO! ONE! TWO! VOLADOR KICKS OUT! Hot damn. JCR is dying at the booth!

11:53: Volador is on the floor, Caristico is on the apron, Caristico is PUNTING Volador and HOLY GRODD VOLADOR JUST BLOCKED A MOONSAULT ON THE FLOOR, sending Caristico into the barricade. Back in the ring, Volador hits a backcracker and CARISTICO JUST KICKS OUT!

11:54: I shit you not, Arena Mexico is shaking right now. HOLY FUCK! Caristico tries to get Volador with La Mistica, but Volador is too close to the ropes. THE FIGHT GOES ON! Both men get up, the crowd is going bonkers, Caristico sends Volador into the ropes, VOLADOR COUNTERS WITH A DESTROYER, CARISTICO KICKS OUT, CARISTICO THEN HITS A TILT-A-WHIRL SLAM, VOLADOR KICKS OUT, VOLADOR THEN HITS A SUPER RANA AND HOLY SHIT THAT WILL DO IT! Wow; Volador Jr. wins an instant classic and his second tournament of the year.

11:58: I tell you, that was special. Time will tell if it was the best match CMLL had this year, but it was definitely up there. Just outstanding chemistry between Volador and Caristico, with all the high flying you could want, all the drama you could want and off the charts crowd heat. You could not have asked for a better Arena Mexico crowd for this match then the one you got tonight. The only thing I would've done differently was have Caristico win, but alas it wasn't to be. His time will come I'm sure. For now, Volador adds another trophy to his mantle and another classic match to his resume. A sensational main event to conclude a strong Friday show. Sorry next week's show; the only way you're following that is if you put Soberano, Caristico and Volador on the same team against the Dinamitas. Note to CMLL if anyone from the company is reading this; DO THAT! Please!

That's game sports fans. I'll be back tomorrow (hopefully) with some non wrestling content. WHAT COULD HE MEAN BY THAT THEIR ASKING?! You'll find out. Till we meet again, THIS!

Please change disks to continue...


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