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Carp Fishing Spain

Updated on June 26, 2012
Catch carp Spain
Catch carp Spain

Carp Fishing Spain

When I started carp fishing over 40yrs ago it was unheard of to travel abroad for a carp fishing holiday. Now carp fishing trips abroad are big business a search on the internet will many produce thousands of results including many for carp fishing in Spain. From my home in the UK Spain is only a short trip by plane, living in the north of England I could possibly be fishing in Spain in less time than it takes me to travel down to southern England.

A lot of the Spanish Fishing Holiday adverts are Cat Fish orientated some cater for both Carp and Cat fish. I have been on a couple of fishing trips to Spain the most recent being last year when along with my wife we spent a week with Would I recommend them? Did I catch anything? Read below to find out.

Carp Fishing Holidays Spain.

The Extremadura region of Spain with its mighty Guadiana and Sierra Brava waters was the focus of a weeks carp fishing in Spain. The Sierra Brava and Guadiana waters contain some of the biggest carp to be found in Europe, with carp up to 79lb being caught on lake Orellana which is the main lake of the Guadiana water system being just one example of the biggest carp to be had in Extremadura.

Not into carp fishing? the area is also a dream for general coarse fishing with specimen fish of most species. The pike here grow nearly as big as the carp.

One of the main concerns about flying to Spain for a carp fishing holiday is transporting your gear and bait, with Catch Carp Spain all your gear is supplied as a part of the package, when I went all your particles were included as well. There are also boilies available to purchase when you get over there. The supplied carp tackle is top notch.

The carp fishing holiday packages with catch carp Spain include a town house in the village of Orellana La Vieja a lovely small village with shops bars etc and friendly locals ideal if you have the family with you. A better alternative to my mind is that you can bivvy up on the bank for all or part of your stay.

Carp Fishing Holiday Spain

Catch Carp Spain

If like myself you like wild unspoilt carp waters you will absolutely love the Orellana La Vieja lake. This is very large body of water with out a dug out swim in sight indeed most of the lake is only accessible with a 4x4 vehicle. Catch carp Spain have done all the research to make your carp fishing holiday a success they are the local experts on lake Orellana and lake Sierrra Brava just follow their advice and I am sure you will enjoy a fantastic weeks carp fishing holiday as I did.

Carp Fishing Holiday Spain

One Of The Many Cracking Carp Caught
One Of The Many Cracking Carp Caught

Things To take With You

AS I said earlier your main carp gear is supplied but you do need to take your essentials, hooks, leads, hook tying material etc. Take plenty of leads, I fished Lake Orellana all week and lost a lot of leads through the week. Don't forget that the lakes are the produce of damming a river, they did not take out any of the trees and anything else that was there.

Bait wise I did take a quantity of boilies but did not need them as the majority of the carp I caught came to tiger nuts fished over maize. You can purchase boilies when you get there but it depends on the time of year that you go as to whether they are a viable option because of the crays, hence the use of tigers. All the particles were supplied on the trip.

Many Of The Carp Have Never Been Caught Before.

Carp Fishing Spain


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    • Hobros profile image

      Hobros 5 years ago from Doncaster

      Sorry but I do not have a Google Add and I have no tie in with Catch carp Spain they are just the company that I booked a weeks holiday with for the wife and myself. The above is just an honest opinion of my weeks fishing there.

    • profile image

      carp fishing spain 5 years ago

      so this is a catch carp Spain advertisement then . not carp fishing in Spain unbiased report . unlike your Google add carp fishing spain false adverts lead to one thing