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Carrying forward the tradition of valour and dexterity through Mixed Martial Arts

Updated on February 10, 2015

The Feelings it Evokes

Martial Arts...the name itself brings up images of strength, skill, bravery, and aggression. There is an obvious charm and sense of power in the way various martial arts are learned, practiced, and performed. And therefore, the popularity of martial arts has kept increasing through the passage the time.

Be is a weapon based variety of martial arts or the bare arms variety, the act of skilfully manoeuvring and attacking another combatant with powerful deft moves is a thoroughly gripping and entertaining spectacle, both for the combatants and spectators.

The Charm of Martial Arts

Even in this present age of sophisticated guns, explosives and other weapons of aggression, the draw of martial arts has not waned; instead, its popularity has only increased at a fascinating speed. Firing of guns and the skill associated with it is very engrossing, but there is a special uniqueness about the way martial artists use the movement of the body to launch attacks and compete with each other. The very act two individuals locked in a fight with just their muscles and agility as their weapons is an overwhelming spectacle. In fact, the absence of any easily operable weapon like guns, gives a martial arts competition a unique raw flavour.

The combatants do not have any overwhelming advantage in the shape of sophisticated machinery or equipment; the fight only involves physical skills and mental agility. The limited stamina available with the human body and the use of that limited stamina to upstage the opponent makes martial arts so human, and therefore, so exciting.

The Contemporary Scene

The current scenario of martial arts is very encouraging. Different styles and disciplines of martial arts that were started and perfected in different parts of the world, and some of which remained hidden, have not found a platform of expression in mixed martial arts competition organized by the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation, popularly know as IMMAF. This federation organizes contests between participants just like contests in other sports and also regulates the rules governing the conduct of the matches. Currently, 37 countries around the world have national federations of IMMAF.

Professional Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts contests are conducted within the ambit of rules formulated by the international federation. The rules have been formulated to increase the safety of participating combatants and also to make the game faster and more entertaining.

The rules of the mixed martial arts concerns different aspects of the game i.e. duration of bouts, point scoring, use of protective equipment etc. The use of protective equipment in a big new addition to modern mixed martial arts from the way it was conceptualized and practiced at the initial stages, somewhere during the early 1900s. The purpose behind the idea of modern mixed martial arts was to find the most appropriate form of martial arts for combat. However, that purpose is history now. In the latest form, mixed martial arts are strictly governed by rules just like any other sports.

The Evolution

Its international federation has invested a lot of thought into making the game more audience friendly by introducing many measures which bring out essence of the sport in a more consistent manner. For example, gloves were never a part of martial arts, but MMA gloves are now an integral part of matches.

The Evolution Through Gloves

MMA Gloves are specially designed safety equipment that protect the opponent as well as the users, and also improve the entertainment value of the game. MMA gloves are not typical boxing gloves; because striking and grappling are both standard combat procedures in MMA, the gloves have an opening at the front to allow free movement to the fingers. Moreover, MMA gloves have padding of 4-6 oz.; amateur fighters use 170 gram gloves, and professional fighters protect their fists with 110 gram gloves. The extra weight for amateurs is for added protection.


How Gloves are Changing the Game

The uses of modern MMA gloves have significantly improved the speed and entertainment value of MMA fights. Use of gloves means less injury to fighters and fewer breaks between bouts and faster bouts. In fact, when gloves were not in use, fighters rarely used to hit on the head of their opponents. Hitting on the head lead to severe hand injuries, but with the introduction of MMA gloves, fights have become more intense but less risky. The speeds of bouts have also increased and so has the length.

It can be said that MMA gloves are an intelligent concept. They are designed in such a way that the efficacy of the game goes up along with the safety standard of fighters. In the present context, mixed martial arts contests are duly taking forward the concept of martial skill and bravery as they truly depict the physical prowess of the human body. The ancient concepts that have gone into making different martial arts are now being excellently exhibited by MMA fighters and appreciated by the world.


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