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Cavs 2016 NBA Championship

Updated on June 20, 2016

If you are familiar with Cleveland, Ohio and sports, you are well aware that heartbreak is a word synonymous with the ending to most sports seasons. Sports seasons aren’t affectionately referred to with the winning atmosphere of remembering when Cleveland overcame all odds to come out on top. Instead, they are nicknamed things like “The Shot” or “The Drive.” While from an outsider’s perspective these could seemingly have ended optimistically, to a Clevelander, these terms are said with sorrow and remorse. These are promising seasons and teams that have only ended in heartbreak. Potential championships that have been ripped from our grasps. Ultimate euphoria that turned to complete and utter disappointment.

Once more, Cleveland, and all of ohio, figured that the 2016 NBA Finals may end this way. The Cavaliers had a team built to win it all. They made it to the finals in 2015 only to be bested by the Warriors. Once again, the task seemed daunting after going down 3-1 in the series. Many in the national media outlets were saying the series was all but over. The Cavaliers had no chance to win three straight against a team that had won seventy-three regular season games. Plus, no NBA team had ever overcome a 3-1 finals deficit. Then, Lebron James happened. After winning back-to-back elimination games and tying the series, the hope was back. Unfortunately with the hope comes the memories of past failures. Once again, the scenario had been set for the perfect Cleveland heartbreak.

However, Cleveland got to avoid that heartbreak this time. The Cleveland Cavaliers were able to overcome all odds to beat the Golden State Warriors three games in a row in order to win the NBA Championship. They broke a fifty-two year championship drought that had plagued the city. The “curse” has been lifted, and the state of Ohio is once again able to celebrate a championship. Cleveland is very fond of nicknames and sayings. The city was #AllIn for this championship, and Lebron came back to win #OneForTheLand. Maybe this game can be remembered as “The Shot.” However, this shot will be positive referring to Kyrie Irving’s three point dagger with under a minute to play. Or, they can come up with a new title. This game can be remembered as “The Block” to refer to Lebron’s chasedown block when they game was tied at eighty-nine in the waning moments. Regardless of how people refer to it, the outcome is positive. Cleveland finally got its long, overdue championship, and it was done in an historic fashion.

Relish it, Cleveland. Soak in the feeling while it lasts because you never know when the next one may come. Fifty-two years is a long time.

Will the Cleveland Cavaliers repeat the championship in 2017?

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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 18 months ago

      It was an exciting championship game. I don't know if they will repeat it again in 2017, but I may be surprised. Good thoughts on this topic.