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Cervelo P5 (supercycle)

Updated on July 11, 2012

Cervelo P5 , fastest road bike in the world aerodynamically made has graced us in these times of technological excellence. This bike is a demonstration of the well notion that it is at the competitive at the peak of any sport or competition that the difference between first and last is not at all that big a gap later alone first and second. In the olympics where you have individuals at the peak of their physical and mental it is even harder to separate the good from the great. More and more it comes down to the team and the management. These people are usually the key to success for whoever is participating.

In bike competitions cyclists are in the peak of their physical shape and their all so equally matched that its usually other variables that come into winning. One of the biggest variables is the bike on which they cycle. A bike at high levels of competition normally boils down to aerodynamics , wind resistance and weight. The simple theory behind it is the more smoothly the air flows over a bike and its rider the less wind resistance he will feel and the faster he will go.

Engineers at Cervel have designed and produced a bike that will shave 1.6 seconds per mile in a professional race. The bike which only weighs 18 pounds is one of the most aerodynamic frames in the world.

What makes it different is the preparation that went into building it apart from years of research and months of development. The engineers used Aerospace-grade computational fluid dynamics software which is the type of simulations NASA use for their space shuttle simulations. This accompanied with countless virtual tests to design the P5 , the most aerodynamic bike ever made.

The boring parts of the build came in the form of scrutinising every single thing about the build including every single material used. Every part of the bike was inspected to see how much drag it caused and how that drag could be reduced. This in turn lead to simple changes being turned into big ones. For example the handlebars were lowered more than once and the hydrologic brake cables were added internally so as to minimise anomalies around the carbon fiber frame.

How much does all this cost you ask, the price of the price of this precision vehicle starts from $6,500 and the price rises as you customise the bike. For that price you will expect great things, and if you have the legs and are in a good enough physical shape for it, this bike will not disappoint.


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