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Chael Sonnen is Talking a big Game. Does he realize who he is fighting come August 7th?

Updated on August 4, 2010
Anderson Silva (left) Looks to retain his Middleweight belt against number one contender Chael Sonnen.
Anderson Silva (left) Looks to retain his Middleweight belt against number one contender Chael Sonnen.

UFC 117 Main Card

Now before you go ahead and start getting mad after reading the headline, let me first explain a few things. Chael Sonnen is an exceptional mixed martial artist. He has a relentless pace, and has never backed down from a fight. Sonnen is a lot of fun to watch and he is one of the most intelligent fighters in the middleweight division.

With that said, I WOULD have a lot of confidence in most situations predicting Sonnen as the winner. The one exception in this case... Anderson Silva.

To say that I don't think Chael Sonnen matches up well with Silva shouldn't come as a surprise to most fight fans. Truth is, I don't think anybody matches up with Anderson Silva at middleweight. Demian Maia choked out Chael Sonnen about a year and a half ago in the very first round. Maia has the most devastating Brazilian jujitsu in all of the UFC, and to prove that was the quick submission of Sonnen.

However, Maia fought Silva on April 10th of this year and was completely dominated in every facet. Silva was toying with him, telling him to step and fight using ridiculous and humiliating gestures. It got to the point where fans are growing restless watching Silva dance around the cage in the middle of the second round, and pretty much refuse to fight resulting in an agonizing second half of the five round fight. Silva won by unanimous decision, and made it look like Maia had tabs will be no business fighting him. How about Forrest Griffin a year ago? Silva jumped up to the 205 lb. Light Heavyweight Division and knocked Forrest out with a jab in the first round after landing a barrage of punches and kicks. Demian Maia and Forrest Griffin are both elite fighters, and they both looked ridiculous against him.

Since Chael Sonnen lost in the very first round against Maia, how in the hell is he going to do anything against Silva? Sonnen has won five of his last eight fights, not bad at all. But if you take a look at his record going back to 2004, every fight he has won has been by decision. He hasn't been able to submit or knock anyone out in years, but he usually finds a way to win.

I don't think this will be the case on Saturday, August 7th.

Don't Get me Wrong...

I would love to see the middleweight belt come back to the states. I hope Sonnen gives Silva a hell of a fight. If he were to win, I would go bananas! I just don't think he's going to is all. Anderson Silva is the best pound for pound fighter in the world. You would be hard-pressed not to agree with me on that one. He has dominated all of his opponents since joining the UFC in both the middleweight and light heavyweight divisions. I haven't yet seen a fight where Silva has been hurt or in danger of losing the last 4 years.

Who will do you think will prevail?

Who will walk away with the Middleweight Belt on August 7th

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