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Championship Games Today!!!

Updated on January 24, 2016

Well, another championship game for both the AFC and NFC is arriving today!!!.

And, once again, my beloved Vikings will be nowhere near the Playoffs, but at least the Home State team, and the other team I root for, has a chance of making it into the Super Bowl.

Yes, they will be playing a tough Arizona team and Carson Palmer is always dangerous and definitely a very wily quarterback and Larry Fitzgerald is a very dangerous receiver. And, that's just some of the weapons they have.

But, hopefully, Cam Newton, Olsen, Stewart, and the rest of the offense can do their job and the defense can hold up strong and they can win the game.

The first game is going to be very intriguing with Tom Brady going against Peyton Manning, and both of these are true legends who will be in the Hall of Fame one day. I wonder if Denver will have a home field advantage, or if Tom and his crew will just pick them apart....

Tell me who do you feel will go to the Super Bowl, and who do you think will win the 50th Super Bowl? 50 is definitely a mild stone year...Shucks 50 years ago I was three and a half.....Thinking I don't remember much about that game...But, this one I will be watching with intent eyes and hoping that the home state team can win...Wouldn't it be beautiful if one of the newer franchises with a young quarterback and a very fun loving team was able to win this award...One of the reasons I am a big fan of the Panthers is because they truly look like they are having fun when they play...Yes, they are payed tons of money, but they still treat the game with the excitement of youth, even the veterans on the team seem to have that kind of energy, and that is refreshing to see in the world of sports......And, in the end result, it would be wonderful if they went to the Super Bowl and personally I would love to see them there beating a veteran team like the Patriots...So my call for Super Bowl is Panthers winning in a victory over the Patriots...Let's see if I have any luck with these kind of predictions or if I am at home later today wondering what happened?


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