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Cheap Backpacking Gear - Buy Discount Backpacking Gear Online

Updated on March 14, 2011

Many of us will have this goal: To go backpacking in some hidden enclave on the planet, to walk in some great wilderness - away from it all - at least once. It's a great goal, one that is very much reachable, and one that many of us, probably the majority of us, will never fulfill.


Because backpacking is a tedious thing; it's not like a normal hike, where a small backpack filled with snacks will suffice. A backpacking trip requires much more, well, you could call it, attention to detail. You need an guide, you need to plan out how much water you'll need, what kind of food you can, and will have to, ration; you need to, simply put, be prepared for the worst.

And preparing for the worst, unfortunately, is expensive.

Luckily people know this fact (and they know of the dream, whether it's big or small, that you have as well). You can, if you need to, buy cheap backpacking gear; and by cheap hiking gear I don't mean backpacking equipment that will be of low quality, I mean high quality, will get you through any kind of disaster or experience, backpacking gear.

Cheap hiking backpacks? Cheap backpacking tent? Discount and used hiking gear? All of it is possible to find if you just know where to look.


Cheap Backpacking Tents

One of the most essential pieces of backpacking gear is the backpacking tent.  The backpacking tent is your home (and could be your home for quite some time) and therefore is a very important item to have; in other words, when buying cheap backpacking gear, you don't want to buy any low quality camping tents. 

Luckily there are many camping tents on sale that offer every kind of protection and - my favorite part - can be considered lightweight backpacking tents.  Backpacking tents have to feature a couple things for them to considered good, quality, backpacking gear.  Cheap backpacking tents have to be light enough to carry, have good wind and rain resistance,and have to be extremely mobile. 

What's considered a cheap backpacking tent?  It depends what you're looking for, but if all you want is quality that includes the four above mentioned traits, then a backpacking tent under 100 is easy to find. 

All in all, when it comes to discount hiking gear, looking for discount camping tents is the first step. 

Backpacking/Camping Lights

The one thing that is constant about the wilderness - about nature itself - is that no matter how much damage we do it, and no matter how much change we force upon it, it will always contain some of the darkest and deepest places known to man.  Sure, the stars and moon will give some light, but nothing like the sun, or what electricity can mimic. 

That's why another essential piece of camping equipment are camping lights.  Some of the cheapest backpacking gear comes int he form of cheap camping lights; almost all discount backpacking gear enthusiasts will tell you that finding a cheap camping light that is long-lasting is very, very important. 

What kind of light is cheap?  What kind of backpacking light is for me?

There are many different kinds of camping lights for sale that could be useful.   Some come in the form of lanterns, like the cheap Rayovac Sportman, while some are a simple flashlight that is very long-lasting.  A camping reading light? Check.  Headlight?  Check.  Flashlight Tripod?  Check.  All camping lights cheap hiking gear?  Check. 

Buy Inexpensive Backpacking Tools Online

Cheap Backpacking Tools

When it comes to backpacking there is a fine line between how much you need and what you should have.  A lot of people will end up buying and packing too much food, too much water, and too many tools for them to carry and, in the end, will force them to use more energy then they need to on a daily basis (which, is ironic, because will force them to have more food and water).  The point is is that you don't need to over pack - if you pack just right, with the right materials and backpacking gear, you'll be fine. 

Discount and used backpacking gear can be hard to find, especially when it comes to camping tents on sale, cheap backpacking backpacks, sleeping bags, and the other essentials; however when it comes to cheap backpacking tools, like, for example, a backpacking knife, it's not as difficult. 

The following are essential parts of cheap backpacking gear:

  • Swiss army knife.
  • Folding knife. 
  • Multi-tool kit.
  • Can opener. 
  • Saws
  • Shovels


More Cheap Backpacking Gear

The list of discount backpacking gear is endless; you can spend hours searching,trying to find exactly what you're looking for.  The fact is:  you don't have to.  Be selective in what you need to buy, and be opened minded; sometimes the price won't match the quality you expect; sometimes the quality won't match the price. 

Other Backpacking Equipment Needed:

  • Sleeping Bags
  • Backpacks
  • Food Storage
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Boots
  • Water
  • Backpacking Clothing


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