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Buy Cheap Camping Tents | Best Value Camping Tents

Updated on May 31, 2010

 The right footwear, sleeping bags and other camping gear are all packed.  There’s plenty of extra food for the whole weekend he all-terrain vehicle to haul your gear and the entire brood is ready to hit the trail.

      When weekend camping with the family comes around, it’s always advisable to check if all the important elements and gear have not been forgotten. For those who have gone through such activities before, there’s the knowledge that one of the vital things to get is a good tent. There are many options in the marketplace now which come at a reasonable rate. If a high quality tent with the best features, though, is beyond your budget, fret not.  

Looking Online For Camping Tents

If you cannot find a tent that will hold up under fickle weather within your budget at sporting goods or camping gear stores in your neighborhood, the other alternative is to check out quality offerings from online stores offering discount value camping tent prices. Cheap camping tents need not be unreliable. While it can be acknowledged that most of the long lasting ones are expensive, you can also find a great value on a camping tent that can satisfy basic requirements.

In buying a camping tent, seasoned campers recommend that you check out existing options at the community shopping center to see the features, available sizes and material, before proceeding to order online. The other options are to be see what’s offered in tent sales, or by a reputable wholesaler. That way, you can get a quality tent at a value. You may also opt for second-hand tents at abargain price, but check to see if it’s worth the purchase.

Family Camping Tent
Family Camping Tent

Picking The Cheap Family Camping Tent

Take into consideration the number of family members who will be occupying the tent you intend to buy, and the ease with which it can be carried, set up and used. If it’s just a father-&-son camping activity, the classic `pup’ tent should do the trick.

If you intend to use a tent more than once or twice in the rugged mountains, rather than just the nearby countryside or commercial campground, choose material suitable to the outdoor setting, like heavy canvas or nylon. Canvas tents may require some kind of treatment as protection against fire, mildew, or a downpour. Cheap camping tents in polyester may suffice for camp outs that are close to home.

Don't try and cramp 7 family members into a 4 person tent. Remember that you will have to fit backpacks, sleeping bags, bags, and more as well into the tent. Always buy a tent that is made for the appropriate amount of campers so that everyone has enough room.

Check out brand descriptions of family camping tents in the internet to get the best value for your money. The leading brands offer innovative camping tents ideal for family camping. Recent years have seen some companies breaking away from the smaller range of tents to produce modified versions at affordable prices.

Families who happen to be serious outdoor explorers/adventurers will be delighted that there are also brands utilizing the very best materials and provide outstanding UV protection, offering excellent value for money. Certain tent manufacturers have established a good reputation as producer of great family tents for over a hundred years and offer a wide range of improved options to choose from.

There are tents that are quick to erect and standard types perfect for an entire brood’s leisurely camp requirements. Other specializes in more usable features like strong durable aluminum pole work that does not compromise on strength and resiliency to satisfy the requirements of the modern camper.


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