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How to use a tool clip as a bike light bracket

Updated on February 5, 2015

For a cheap and simple replacement for a bike light bracket head to your DIY store!

A while ago the bracket for my back bike light broke. It was a clip on light and when I asked at local bike shops they didn't sell that type of light or they didn't have any spare brackets.

My search took me to my local DIY store. I browsed the aisles for a while hoping to find something that I could use to cobble together a new bracket. Finally I spotted a bag of tool clips. It had a flat part designed to be attached to a wall and a round clip. I thought it might just fit under my saddle. I bought a pack and it was a perfect fit. The flat part now served as the new bracket for my light. It was a cheaper, easier solution than I could have hoped for and it has served me well ever since.


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    • Patrick Widdess profile image

      Patrick Widdess 5 years ago from Cambridge, UK

      Yes, definitely. Thanks for the comment.

    • mortysmadhouse profile image

      mortysmadhouse 5 years ago from Perth, Western Australia (the Wait Awhile state)

      Great advice, probably cheaper than a 'proper' bike light clip too ;)