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New and Used Cheap Surfboards

Updated on December 24, 2010

Where to find Cheap Surfboards

Well I will start with the obvious places to find cheap surfboards, which usually means used surfboards. Which isn't really all that bad, If you are a beginning surfer buying a used board can be challenging. The first surfboard I purchased was a used surfboard that came with a wetsuit that actually fit me. I paid around $200.00 US for the complete surfboard, wet suit and leash., after visiting plenty of surf shops and looking at dozens of surfboards. I had never surfed but I thought I knew what would work for me. I was fortunate in that the board worked very well for me and lasted for many waves. I even took the board to Hawaii.

Surf shops can be a good place to look for used boards. I also look in the news paper,surfing forums and on Ebay. Craigslist has been pretty productive for me in finding cheap surfboards. A few I have bought were what I call almost new. Meaning they were probably rode once or twice.

I have purchaced plenty of cheap surfboards right on the beach. Mostly from surfers I have seen riding the surfboard. This is a good policy because you dont want to buy a cheap surfboard that was stolen. Then paddle out the next day only to find out that the biggest guy in the line up had his surfboard ripped off and you are riding it. Ah yes its happened to me before.

Look around for surfboards before you decide to buy one. Get to know the terminology ,type of fins, surfboard shapes etc.

How do you get a surfboard if you dont have any money? Good question! I would post an ad on Craigs list and offer to trade something you have for someones extra surfboard. Recently I had an extra guitar and I really needed a specific type of surfboard for Costa Rica. I didnt want to pay for it ;-) So I posted on Craigs list that I was willing to trade my Guitar for the right type of board. Several people sent me pictures. One of which I really liked. The board was almost new, it had one scratch on it.

There are lots of creative ways to get a surfboard. You could work for a board. so many people in surfing parts of the world have boards collecting dust in their garage and could use some work done around their home. I once picked up a wind surfing board by helping a women with her house. I wanted to learn how to wind surf but didnt want to buy a board. We surfed on the wind surfing board for several years.

So cheap surfboards and getting a surfboard if you dont have the cash. Its not that hard. See you in the tube ;-)

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  • J.T. profile image

    J.T. 9 years ago

    A very good hub, thanks coolbreeze