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Cheap Table Tennis Tables for Sale

Updated on June 21, 2011

Table tennis - also known as ping pong - is one of the most popular sports in the world. It's an easier sport that requires you to hit a small ball over a net; people relate to a smaller version on tennis without any of the running or intense serving. The sport originates for Britain in the early 1800's when rich aristocrats would play after dinner for entertainment. The sport has since become a worldwide phenomena.

One of the main reasons why table tennis is popular worldwide is because it be played virtually anywhere. One can buy an indoor table tennis table, an outdoor table tennis table or even a table tennis conversion top (something that goes over top a pool table, for example.) If suddenly you get the idea in your head that you want a ping pong table in your garage you easily, by the end of the day, have it set up: it's an easy sport to set up and take down.

If you've found this article then it's safe to assume that you know all that and now you just want to buy the cheapest table tennis table you find - without compromising any of the quality.

You've come to the right place.

Below you will find the best table tennis tables for sale, and table tennis table prices that are very reasonable.


Table Tennis Equipment

  • Ping Pong Ball
  • Table (Dimensions should be 274 cm by 152,5 cm)
  • Table Tennis Racket

If you're really up to the challenge you can build your own table tennis table.
If you're really up to the challenge you can build your own table tennis table. | Source

Best Table Tennis Table - The Different Types

Before you go digging into your pocket you should first understand what the best table tennis tables are; by that I mean you understand that their are different types of ping pong tables that will fit the needs of different people. Not all of us are world champions that need the exact table tennis table dimensions and every single table tennis supply - although that would be pretty cool.

There are three main ping pong tables that you should be aware of - Stiga table tennis, JOOLA table tennis, and butterfly table tennis tables).

  • Butterfly table tennis tables usually all feauture wheels making them easy to roll in and out of places (they will also fold up for storage); therefore if you want to buy a ping pong table for small enclosed space that you know will have to move around then a Butterfly table tennis table may be for you.
  • Stiga table tennis tables are much more durable tables then Butterfly tables - which means they are also more expensive. If you're looking for an outdoor table tennis table - and one that can move around - then a Stiga table tennis table is for you.
  • JOOLA table tennis tables are mostly indoor table tennis tables and are much smaller than the normal ping pong table. They are cheaper and slightly more flimsy than other tables.

Table Tennis Table For Sale

Before you go any further, and after reading the above paragraph, ask yourself the following questions:

What kind of space do I have for my ping pong table?

Do I need an outdoor table tennis table? Or an indoor table?

Do I need all the equipment?

Do I want my table tennis table to roll up?

There are more questions but those are the fundamental ones.  Once you answer those you'll be able to decide how to buy your ping pong table. 

Buy Table Tennis Table - Indoor Tables

The best inside table tennis table is the JOOLA Indoor table.  It's in my opinion that all indoor table tennis tables should have similar characteristics to the JOOLA table which is one of the best ping pong tables on the market. 

Made with wood and steel, the JOOLA indoor table features a dual safety locking device that ensures the wheels will never give any unneeded torque to the table.  It can also be used as two freestanding tables for entertainment purposes.

This indoor table tennis table comes at a great price and includes both a quality net and net post; it's the perfect gift for a family that is looking for some late-night fun.

What kind of ping pong table are you buying?

See results

Ping Pong Balls

The best ping pong balls are the Halex Fusion 3-Star balls. They come is a package of six are USATT and NHSCA approved - which means they are of tournament and professional quality.

More Indoor Table Tennis Tables For Sale


Buy Ping Pong Tables - Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

Although indoor table tennis tables are the most popular, they are not the only option. Many people will vie for the outdoor option where there is much more space to hit those wild winners.

And the best outdoor table tennis table? It's the Butterfly TW23 Outdoor home roll-away Table Tennis Table.

Check out it's features:

  • Durable outdoor, fold and roll table tennis table.
  • Steel railing rim and square steel legs
  • Folds up perfectly
  • Easy to fold up and roll (in- case it rains)
  • Three Year Warranty

Ping Pong Paddles

The next thing you may need to buy are table tennis rackets.  My personal favorite is the 4-player racket set from Stiga.  All four rackets are of intermediate level so they work for the entire family - plus the price is good and the quality is long-lasting. 

Buy More Outdoor Table Tennis Tables


Table Tennis Conversion Top

The final section of this ping pong buying guide is the tablet tennis conversion top. This is the cheapest and most convenient option in bringing a ping pong table into your home.

Make sure the conversion top you buy has the following features:

  • Side Strips to Help align
  • Sponge rubber strips to protect rails.
  • Fits areas between 7ft - 10 ft
  • Includes net and post
  • Has different colors of different tops
  • Can fold if needed.
  • Warranty.


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