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Check Your Summertime Camping List

Updated on June 11, 2016

How to create and check the complete summertime camping list

I will try to help you make a complete summertime camping list that will allow you to make the most out of your camping trip. We will go through all necessary equipment together, category by category, making sure you don't skip any of the stuff you might need during your summer camping.

Learn what equipment should find its place at your summertime camping list

I will organize things in categories so you could go through the list easier. For instance, it makes more sense to list toothbrush, soap, and aspirin in one category and then move on to other stuff, rather then listing items in this order: "toothbrush, camping axe, soap, beer, aspirin". I really don't want to make you go to your bathroom for a toothbrush, then straight to the garage to take the axe, return to the bathroom for the soap, then go to the store to buy some beer, after which you will go back to your bathroom, only to see that you are running low on aspirin, so you should go back to the garage, start your car again and head to the pharmacy. That is why I've put everything into several different categories.

Camping equipment list

Here you will find some of the things that are pretty obvious and hard to forget, such as the tent itself for instance. However, many people tend to forget some small items that are pretty simple and sound rather irrelevant, but actually can save you a lot of trouble on many camping occasions. Take flashlight or Swiss Army Knife as an example - very easy to forget, but can be extremely useful in many situations.

Check your list

See anything you need?
See anything you need? | Source

Basic list

  • Tent and tent pegs- the type of tent you will need depends on how many people will be using it. There are many types from a one-man pop-up to a ten person construction. Just be sure you know how to set it up properly. And be sure to have enough tent pegs! It's a good idea to bring a couple of extras, especially if using plastic pegs. Don't forget a hammer to drive them in

  • Outdoor chairs and tables- many campsites have picnic tables which may be enough. But it is nice to have a few extra chairs anyway. I like the canvas fold-ups with arm rests and cup holders.

  • Sleeping Bags- when staying over nite a good sleeping bag beats an old blanket any day! A nice one with a 30 degree rating is usually enough for those cool summer nights. Although some people prefer a mummy style, I find the open top to be good. Be sure the zipper is in good working order from both outside and inside. Nylon zippers are best.

  • Air Mattress- a good air mattress is good to have too. Especially if you have a few years on you like me! Choose on that fits easily in your tent. There is nothing worse than an air mattress that fills your tent and leaves no room for anything else. I use a single one and it leaves plenty of room for my other stuff. It's a good idea to inflate it at home first and be sure it doesn't leak.

  • Air Pump- unless you have a super set of lungs, a good air pump is a must when inflating your air mattress! Although you could use an old fashion hand pump, a nice battery operated one makes things so much nicer! And be sure you have a good fitting nozzle.

  • Pillows- I use a rolled-up coat, you favorite pillow will make your camping much more pleasant. Just bear in mind nature will get it dirty so you'll need to clean it to use at home.

  • Blankets- blankets are nice to bring, though somewhat optional in my opinion. They are useful for covering a picnic table or for a ground picnic. You can also use a light one to wrap around you when sitting around the campfire to help keep the mosquitoes off.

  • Clothes- bring a couple changes of clothes with you, especially socks and underwear. That wild man smell is only good for when you are alone!

  • Mattress Repair Kit- A repair kit is a must when camping. Nature is not as gentle as home. If your air mattress develops a leak you don't want to be sleeping on the ground! They are small and easy to use. Just be sure it has a usable glue (not dried up) and plenty of patches.

  • Swiss Army Knife- although this is optional, a Swiss Army knife can be worth it's weight in gold. Nature is unpredictable and this will be handy for those emergency situations that seem to always pop up!

  • Rope- another optional item you'll be glad you brought! If you've gone way backwoods you will want to hang your food out of the reach of the animals. I use it to tie my equipment together for transport. Bring a tarp and use a rope line to make it into a shelter for those rainy days. I can even make a hammock with rope!

  • Axe-unless you are going to chop firewood on site I like to bring a short hand axe. Be sure one side is flat to use for hammering. The axe is handy for making an emergency stake too.

  • Waterproof Matches- when the good old 'Bic' runs out matches make a good alternative. Keep wooden matches in a waterproof container. I like to dip a few in candle wax to further waterproof them. It is best to get strike-anywhere wooden matches.

  • Lantern- a lantern make camping much better. They are especially handy when rummaging in your tent at night. I prefer the battery type over the kerosene as they are safer.

  • Flashlight- of course you will want a good flashlight. They serve the same purpose as a lantern but are easier to take with you when making that 'potty' trip.

  • Batteries- be sure to bring plenty of batteries! Make sure you have enough of each kind you will be using. And be sure they all have a charge! I have bought new batteries that were dead, so check them out.

Health and Hygiene camping list

You obviously can't bring everything you use at home, but you have to follow some basic standards. So here's what bathroom and pharmacy items you need to cross out from your summer camping list:

  • First Aid Kit- a first aid kit is more than just band aids and some slave. Get a good one with plenty of band aids, gauze, tape, and trauma padding. You'll want sun screen, and burn slave as well as insect bite treatment too. Splints and calamine lotion should be included. Be sure to include a first aid treatment book.

  • Aspirin- nothing ruins a camping trip more than a splitting headache! Aspirin is good for those muscular aches and strains than come from doing more than usual too, as well as reducing fever. If you can't take aspirin, take Tylenol.

  • Other medicine- be sure to take plenty of any prescription medicine your doctor has given you. If you suffer from allergies have a good over the counter antihistamine. You'll also want something for upset stomach, constipation, and of course diarrhea.

  • Huygens items- Of course you'll want your tooth brush and some tooth paste, as well as soap, showering gel, shampoo as well as plenty of towels! And don't for get your hair brush and/or comb.

  • Insect repellent- this is a must-have! Take a good deep woods insect repellent with deet.

  • Toilet Paper- unless you're into torture, you'll want to make sure you have plenty of toilet paper!

Don't miss the fun


Food camping list

Another essential category. No matter if you are a gourmet or simply want to supply yourself with necessary food, I highly recommend you to check the entire list and think about every item - you never know, maybe something you never brought to camping before actually interests you this time.

Seasonings-in addition to salt and pepper, you may want some garlic, onion, and a good seasoning salt. Taking these in powder form saves time and space. Take other seasonings as preferred. and don't forget sugar and creamer.

Condiments- everything taste better with the accompanying condiments. There are the usual mustard, mayo, and ketchup, but adding relish and salsa is nice and don't forget some butter.

Meat- dried meats are good and don't require refrigeration, but you'll want bacon, burgers, hot dogs and eggs. Don't forget the bread and buns.

Other foods- vegetables and fruits are good , take a few sweets for a special treat!

Any other food you prefer- we all have our favorites and most of us will want some chips. Take whatever you prefer and have room for.

Don't forget a cooler or two with plenty of ice!

How do you do it?

Do you take modern conveniences with you camping?

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Message from a guest speaker

Drinks camping list

There is no good camping without proper beverages. Whether you prefer sodas, beers, or anything else, we tried to make some list that will be good enough to remind you to bring everything you need. Include ice and cooler, since only thing better than a nice drink is a nice cold drink. Naturally, you will have to bring enough drinking water, which is probably the most important camping item. Other things include: Glasses and mugs, drinking water non-alcoholic beverages, beer, coffee cocoa, tea and milk.

Can't you just picture it??

look like fun?
look like fun? | Source

Kitchen camping list

Of course, all of that food will be of little use to you if you don't bring the dishes, cutlery, camping stove, and all other items that are required for dining or preparing food. Also don't forget to bring the dish detergent and other stuff you will need to wash your kitchen inventory after use. Do not worry, everything is on the list.

  • Dishes- when camping paper or plastic dishes are popular. Be sure they are sturdy enough that they don't collapse at inappropriate times. You'll want both soup bowls and larger bowls for all those 'gourmet' dishes as well as mixing.

  • Cutlery- in addition to eating knifes and forks and spoons (or sporks), you want heat resistant spatulas spoons and forks for cooking. A whisk and hand mixer are good to have too. Don't forget a set of sharp cutting knifes and a couple of cutting boards.

  • Cooking pots and fry pans- you'll want a couple of cooking pots in large, medium, and small sizes. Fry pans in large and small sizes can be cast iron, which is great for camping, but I just find pots and pans in second-hand shops. They are cheap, lighter, and work well. Try to get lids too! And don't forget cooking oil! I love having a dutch oven too, especially those that you can put coals on the top.

  • Camping stove- many campsites have a BBQ there, but if they don't you will probably want to take one with you. These can be as simple as a couple of five-dollar throw-a ways to a complete ten burner BBQ! Just be sure there is enough room to cook everything and have plenty of fuel be it propane or briquets. A cooking thermometer make cooking safer and prevents food poisoning.

  • Dish detergent- you'll want to clean your outdoor 'kitchen' so bring some detergent and a dish cloth and/or dish mop.

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