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Chicago Bulls Blow Out; Lost to the Golden State Warriors

Updated on November 27, 2017

Hard times for Bull's fans. Truth hurts as well.

Born in the 90's, I really didn't get a chance to enjoy the greatness of Jordan live. Watch the man cement his legacy in a Bulls uniform. I've been blessed to watch the after effects, the you know? Rebuilds after rebuilds after rebuilds and the lack of effort of actually putting a team together like other major city franchises have figured out to do in order to win a ring. I'm lucky enough to enjoy YouTube and watch the 90s era of the Chicago Bulls and enjoy the die hard Bulls fans excitement from my laptop screen. Coming from then to now this lost is a disgrace.

Both Jimmy Butler and Dwayne Wade both exposed bad management with this franchise

I'm actually looking forward to a player taking the big leap and exposing Jerry Reinsdorf for not carrying about the Bulls. Even the 90's Bulls he didn't care much about. How in God's name can you allow a team who just 3 peated twice and willing to all play with each other for more success for the city of Chicago walk away I'll never understand. All they wanted was the proper pay that they well deserved and they'd continue being the dominate force that they were. Reinsdorf should be arrested.

But on to this embarrassing game. We have entered the 4th or 5th "rebuilding" process since the 90's bulls in Chicago. Wade, Jimmy, Derrick Rose, Taj, Noah and many Bulls players have taken shots at Coach Hoiberg's coaching ability but he's cheap, and Reinsdorf's loves that. Hoiberg ironically played during one of our many rebuilding stages in the past 15 years can you imagine that?

Golden State Warriors was nice enough to allow Kevin Durant to miss the game against the Bulls due to a nagging ankle injury. They became even more generous by allowing the defensive anchor in Draymond Green to sit out against the Bulls as well. Such a great team for helping the Chicago Bull's score this game. The money hungry Reinsdorf gave away one of our draft picks for money and I feel that the bond Golden State created over the years decided to make a mockery out of the Chicago Bulls for his enjoyment. Kind of like saying, "Now aren't you glad you're here with us and not with them?" statement made in this game. And the kid killed us. 6 blocks, 6 rebounds, four assist, and 7 points. The 6 blocks stood out like a sore thumb to me. I get the "rebuild" stage no other team has used the word "rebuild" more then Reinsdorf depend on the draft franchise Bulls, but can we Chicagoan's have at least some type of excitement from our home team? 6 blocks would've looked good considering we suck so bad defensively with whatever defense Hoiberg chalked up for players to run.

Stephen Curry could of easily scored more then the 33 he gave us but Steve Kerr was nice enough to take him out of the game before the 4th quarter. Thanks a lot Steve we Chicagoan's appreciate the effort of consideration. Even ZaZa looked like an assist king and he's only known for hurting other NBA players in the league today.

With writing this I just want my fellow Bull's fans to know that we got lucky in the 90's. That Bull's ownership does not care about success with the franchise and be mindful before we scream "See Red" to show our loyalty. If ownership doesn't see the same color then were looking at heartbreak. It's almost insane that this franchise still believes in playing the lottery game with draft picks. When was the last time a rookie brought a team out of Dante's inferno into a liable franchise? LeBron? Dwayne Wade? 2003? And Miami figured out a way to get them all on one board for more success meanwhile Bulls got comfortable mid "rebuild" and put all the stress on Derrick Rose to stop Miami.

This Warriors game should've never ended this way. GarPax should be fired as a unit, Fred Hoiberg as well, and the Reinsdorf family made enough money from the Bulls fans. They should sell the team for a better tomorrow for us.

As long as ticket's sell, he's just fine with us never winning another championship.
As long as ticket's sell, he's just fine with us never winning another championship.


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