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Fanta Wild Adventure Park, Shenyang, China

Updated on August 18, 2016

A great place to spend a day

The name says it all! Fanta Wild Adventure Park is at the top of our list of chilling spots in the city of Shenyang. The park is constructed on a huge scale covering wide, long, and stretched area, enough to spend a whole long day. The best time to reach there is at 10 am or 11 am, because the place is so big that if you do not come early, you will not be able to take round of the whole place and you're certainly going to miss some rides.

Fanta Wild Adventure Park
Fanta Wild Adventure Park
Beautiful themed park
Beautiful themed park


The Fanta Wild Adventure Park is located at the Shenjing Street, in the area of Shenbei. The map below shows the location which you can take as a guide while making your way towards this amazing place.

How to get there?

1. By taxi: You can take a taxi from anywhere in Shenyang tell or show them the name of the park, and they will take your there. It is advisable for you to write down the name of the place in Chinese characters so that you can show the name to the taxi driver and he will take you to the correct place without any inconvenience.

2. By Subway: You can take subway from nearby of your hotel or apartment or your university and get to the last station of Line 2 named 'Hang Kong Hang Tian Daxue'. You can easily take a taxi from the subway station, It takes only few minutes to get there from the station.

2. By Bus: You can also take buses of Numbers 178 or 172 or 191 to get to the Fangte Huanle Shijie.

In Chinese Language, the park is called "方特欢乐世界". The complete address can be found written below the map. Name is also enough to get you there from any where, but for the safe side, it's better to have a name and address of any place you're visiting.

Where is Fanta Wild Adventure Park located?

Fanta Wild Adventure Park (方特欢乐世界), Shengjing Street Shenbei, Shenyang,:
China, Liaoning Sheng, Shenyang Shi, Shenbei Xinqu, 道义开发区, Sheng Jing Da Jie, 55号沈阳方特欢乐世界

get directions

Entrance ticket

There is only one time payment of 220 Yuan (160 Yuan for kids) at the gate of the park. They issue an entry ticket which you can show at the gate and get an entry to the park. All the rides are then FREE once you get the entry to the Fanti Waild Adventure. You can also get a discount on entry passes during the promotional periods of the park, but otherwise you need to pay the complete fee.

Please note that there is no discounts for students holding the student card. The fees is final and cannot be altered by yourself.

The entry ticket
The entry ticket

Things to do

Frankly speaking, you need to be an adventure lover if you want to go to the Fanta Walid Adventure. You can spend the whole day there and still at the end you would not want to leave the park. Here is a list of things that you can do at the Fanta Wild Adventure Park.

Admire the architecture

yes, it's true! One can never come back from the park without admiring it's beautiful, and artistic architecture. The buildings, rides, shops, all are constructed in a very skilful way. You can simply imagine being at a fairytale when you are at the park.

Amazing upside down house of dinosaurs
Amazing upside down house of dinosaurs

Enjoy unlimited rides

Once you're in, every ride is free. You can either start from right side or left side of the lane to start your incredible day full of excitement, and enthusiasm. Few of the lots of rides at the park are Dino Rampage, Sky Sailor, Space Scheduled flight, Mystical River, Vesuvius Volcano and so on. There are both indoors and outdoors rides. Indoor rides are mainly with 3D effects and outdoor rides are all daring. There are long queue of the most adventurous rides so be sure to take them after getting into the queue as next chance might get you late for other adventures.

A thrilling ride at Fanta Wild Adventure
A thrilling ride at Fanta Wild Adventure

Witness AWESOME stage shows and performances

You will also get the chance to watch some amazing stage shows at different locations of the park. They are scheduled at different hours of the day so it is convenient to ask them in advance at what time the show will be, and be there are the specified time. There are even 3D stage performances and some a digital as well.

Capture the beautiful day in camera

Well of course, pictures are the best way to store your memories of the amazing visits to places. Charge your camera well in advance because you will hardly put it down at your visit to the Fanta Wild Adventure. You can capture all those amazing statues, fountains, rides, buildings and make videos of your favourite ride.

Walk around the beautiful waterfalls and ponds

The Fanta Wild Adventure is not only about the rides and shopping, one can spend a quality time enjoying the beautiful sceneries. There are ponds of fishes, artificial waterfalls and beautiful sculptures on the way which will be taking your attention at every corner.

Beauties of the Fanta Wild Adventure Park
Beauties of the Fanta Wild Adventure Park


The visit does not ends here, you should keep your wallet full when entering the park, because there are so many big and small beautiful shops, selling all sort of toys, and other big and small stuffs. You will find a shop at the exit of every indoor ride, having the characters from the rides that you just took. You feel like buying from each shop, because everything is so beautiful and appealing.

Beautiful tress
Beautiful tress

About the food

The food at the restaurants at the park is NOT free. You need to buy anything to eat and drink. The prices of the restaurants are relatively high and the food quality is not so good. So it is advisable to take your own food to the park and enjoy it while breaks between rides.

Some healthy advices

There are some very important health advices that you need to consider if you want the enjoy the place to the fullest.

1. First of all, have a good breakfast before leaving for adventure park, so that you can get enough energy to spend a long day at a very big park.

2. Do not jump off to rides or roller coaster directly when you enter; it is because your body will be suddenly surprised of all the sudden ups and downs and rotations. It is advisable to take the lighter rides first so that your body will know that you it will have to manage all those changes.

3. Take some fresh juices with you, because of constant rides, one may start feeling dizzy or uncomfortable, so drinking some fresh juice will help recover easily and quickly.

4. Keep your body straight and sit in upright position in all the rides, and put your belt very securely and properly. Some of the rides are very thrilling and not being conscious may cause some problems.

The park starts getting empty at around 4 pm and that's about the time you need to leave as well. Keep your belongings and children safe at all the time while your visit as there are huge number of visitors at the park.

Would you love to visit Fanta Wild Adventure Park?

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