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Chip Kelly A Dud

Updated on December 3, 2015

Chip's sinking ship!!!

Now being an avid bird fan that praised Chip at the beginning of his tenure in Philly, remember that first game when the refs couldn't keep up with Kelly's explosive fast paced offense? Gone are those days and now the high flying Eagles offense looks more like a lame duck. Dark times are upon Eagles nation as they begin to wonder if Owner Jeffrey Lurie has placed too much power in the coach from Oregon. Gone are star players such as Jeremy Maclin, Desean Jackson, Lesean McCoy. Replaced by one too many running backs and young inexperienced players that have yet lived to minimum expectations. Chips way or the highway in Philly as he mold's the Philadelphia Eagles with an axe all the while stating and holding himself up as the smartest man in the room. Swagger is not frowned upon in football but the one's who have it usually have earned it and in the NFL Chip has not earned it. Hopefully the Eagles don't fire the entire coaching staff but instead give Chip a couple more years since so much has already been invested in his vision and mr. Lurie provides him with an experienced GM. With Chip focused purely on the field where his attention should have been then the Eagles have a wide open NFC East to win.


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