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Choose Used Scuba Gear Instead of New and Save

Updated on May 11, 2011

Choosing Used Scuba Gear Intend of New

Choosing used scuba gear could be a better choice than buying new. With second hand or used scuba gear you can complete your diving equipment for a fraction of a price. There is no less safety in used scuba gear as long as you know how to fix it or if not you can always take it to your dive shop!

With so much of the words crisis and recession going around these days, if you have just come out of diving school then consider seriously in buying used scuba gear instead of new and save the rest of the money for a rainy day!

If after a few dives you still like scuba diving you can always sell your used scuba gear and purchase your new equipment!

Scuba diving is fun but it doesnt have to be costly
Scuba diving is fun but it doesnt have to be costly

Here are some Tips to Choose Used Scuba Gear and Save Money

Scuba Masks - Theycome in various shapes and sizes with a lens or split lens or more. Inspect the silicone skirts for cracks and see that there are no scratches on the lenses itself. Straps should still be flexible with no cracks on them!

Diving suit – In your diving school, while going out for a practice dive were you always with your knees on the ground? Have you mastered buoyancy control? If the answer is “no” then get a used suit. It’s better if you ruin a used suit that a brand new one that cost you an arm and a leg! Make sure this piece of used scuba gear that you try on is not too tight or lose! Make sure you can freely move your arms and legs!

Boots – They are cheap, but if you prefer still to buy used scuba boots then check for cracks and tears!

Fins – On each fin check for cracks on the straps and around the hinges. See if vulcanizations are not coming apart!

BCD (buoyancy compensating device) or Stabilizing Jacket - Tons of used BCDs are at all times in the marketplace. This is one large deal that if you sure so decide to buy new could take a toll on your finances! Again there are so many BCDs out there that it´s hard to decide if you´re a novice. What if you buy a new one and six months down the line you decide you enjoy cave diving better. That new one you just got six months ago will not continue to do for the long haul! On used scuba gear BCDs check power inflator and hose. Remove one of the valves and take a wif of air from it. If it smells really bad chose another one!

Regulator and Octopus – Your main regulator should be working perfectly as well the octopus you decide to buy! These two pieces of used scuba gear should be fairly inspected for cracks on the hose, if you can open up and see how the diaphragm is and hook up to a bottle and test the high and low valves!

Dive Tank or Cylinder – Depending on the amount of diving you plan on doing, sometimes it´s not worth buying a dive tank. Think of it, are you going to take your dive tank along when you go on holiday diving?


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    • Ash Hicks profile image

      Ash Hicks 

      7 years ago from Tucson, Arizona

      If you buy used scuba gear, make sure to have it all checked out by an authorized scuba repair shop! Most dive shops are authorized to work on big, brand name stuff. DO NOT buy anything that is off brand. You may save some money, but scuba equipment is your life line underwater! You wouldn't buy second hand skydiving equipment with having it inspected (if at all). Do not take any risks! Things like snorkels and wetsuits and booties are fine, but regs and BCs and masks all need to be inspected by a professional. If you do not know how to take the equipment apart, do not even try. This can be dangerous.


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