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Choosing A Hockey Skate

Updated on March 16, 2009

Four Important Points When Choosing A Hockey Skate

There are four things that a hockey skate buyer needs to consider when buying them. These four things include the snug feel of the hockey skates on your feet, the length and width of your feet and the stiffness of the hockey skate.

The Snug Feel

One unique thing about choosing hockey skates is that there is a certain amount of discomfort when you find the right hockey skates for you. Experts advise first time buyers to get the skates that feel too snug near the tops of the feet compared to a comfortable fit. The reason for this is that they need to be broken in when you wear them compared to regular shoes. When they have been broken in properly, you can expect that the hockey skates will fit your feet like a glove, taking on the characteristics of your particular feet.

Knowledgeable hockey skates sales persons will recommend trying on skates which are a size or two smaller than your regular shoe size. The snugness factor is something that you need when playing hockey. Buying skates that are just the right size might result to sprains, blisters and other injuries. Too much space for your feet (any part of it) to move around in the hockey skate can also result to inaccurate foot movement which can cost you the game.

When fitting the hockey skates, your toes need to be able to feel or meet the front end of the skate while making sure that your heel is resting at the back end. Make sure that you lace up the hockey skates while trying them on. The degree of discomfort should be felt but not a degree of pain. Move around with the hockey skates to make sure that there is only discomfort and not a large degree of pain. As you are trying on the hockey skates, try to bend your knees up to a squat. This position will loosen up the toe area and ease the discomfort slightly. This may be the right skates for you. The bent knees position is a natural one when skating, hence the need to see if the skates allow for bent knees.

Length and Width

The length and width of the feet should correspond to the hockey skates. Getting the wrong length or width means that the skates will not fit properly. The shape  of a hockey skate is different from ordinary shoes, which make sit more difficult to choose properly. Get the help of the store clerk in fitting the hockey skates.

The Stiffness

Hockey skates are generally stiff to help the skater keep on their toes, literally. The skating motion employed by hockey skaters is slightly different from those of figure skaters. The stiffness of the hockey skates may cause some discomfort initially but the skater should get used to the discomfort when the skates are used frequently. The problem is that some hockey skates get worn out quite fast so the breaking in period may be just over before the need to buy arises.





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