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Choosing Food for Camping

Updated on February 16, 2010
Wood Park Caravans
Wood Park Caravans

Hundreds of thousands of people go camping every single year. They pack up their tents and their sleeping bags into the cars and just go and relax at a campsite somewhere.

However, when it comes to camping, there is a lot of planning that has to take place. You have to choose the right UK campsite, the right equipment and maybe most importantly, the perfect kinds of foods to take with you.

What To Consider When Choosing Food For A Campsite

There are tons of things you have to seriously take into consideration: where am I camping, how much can I take, will I be able to cook it?

First, how well will you actually be able to cook once you get to the campsite? If you take your own grill, for instance, you automatically have many, many more options when it comes to foods you can take and cook.

Cooking with only a campfire is fun, but can also be extremely difficult and tends to limit what foods you can have.

It's a great idea to take pre-cooked food that's been stored or wrapped in foil. This way, all you have to do is heat it up. This is especially effective with meats like ground beef or pork. You can also add extras, like potatoes or vegetables, and then just take the whole meal to the campsite.

Cereals are also the perfect choice for a campsite - you don't have to bring milk to enjoy it. Instead you can eat it dry; it makes a good, nutritious light snack and it's great for little kids who get hungry in between meals. If you absolutely have to have milk, you can add dehydrated milk to the bag and pour water in when you're ready to eat it.

Sandwiches are also a great choice because you can replace bread with crackers. Crackers don't go stale like bread does and certain types of meat like salami or pepperoni don't need to be refrigerated like, say, deli cuts like ham and turkey. Plus they are simpler to pack and can be put together at the campsite.

As for meats - you can take any meats you want, provided that you'll be able to keep them refrigerated adequately. This means you'll absolutely have to have enough ice on hand to keep the meat and beverages cool which can be difficult over an extended period. Try taking block ice if you can get hold of it, it melts much slower at a campsite.

These are just some of the things you can take to a campsite for food.


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