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Choosing The Correct Golf Grip Size

Updated on November 3, 2015

Size Matters

One of the things often overlooked in golf is the size of the golf grip. Having the correct size golf grip is one of the key elements to playing your best golf. Using a golf grip that is too large restricts your wrist action making it difficult for the golf club to release properly at impact. The outcome for a right handed golfer will be a pushed shot to the right.

A golf grip that is too small will result in your wrist action being too loose. This loose and erratic wrist action will have you hitting the golf ball all over the place. If you wore shoes that were too small what would happen? Your feet would hurt and you would walk funny! Pants too large? It might start feeling a little breezy!

So size does matter even when it comes to golf grips. Checking your golf grip size is easy. Go grab one of your golf clubs. You are now going to determine if your golf grips are indeed the correct size.

Checking Your Grip Size

The first thing you need to do is grip the golf club and take your normal stance. Stand exactly how you would to hit a golf shot using your normal grip pressure. Once you're in position remove your right hand, pick the club up and slightly rotate your left hand counterclockwise (opposite for left handed). Look at the two longest fingers. They should just be touching your palm or leaving a tiny gap. If the gap is too large you are playing with grips that are too thick (large). If the two fingers are digging into your palm the grips are too thin (small).

Where To Go

There are many places where you can have grips fitted and installed to the correct size. Local golf pro shops, sports retailers and qualified golf club fitters. Some places will have a display of different grip sizes for you to test. If you feel adventurous you could try to do it yourself. That's what I do. It's fun, less expensive and easy to do. You can experiment more and get those golf grips to exactly the size and feel you desire. Check out Golf Pride for a quick tutorial and other useful golf grip information.

Grips & Shafts

Golf shafts and grips comes in different size diameters .580 .600, and .620 with .600 the most common. Grips are made of rubber or a combination of rubber and cord. You can get them rounded or ribbed. The ribbed grip has a small ridge in the back of the grip. This can act as a grip reminder for your hands. The problem with the ribbed grip is that is has to be installed with a high degree of accuracy. The round grip could actually be installed backwards and it wouldn't matter.

Now for some golf grip mathematics. If you install a .600 grip onto a .600 golf shaft you end up with a standard size grip. If you install .580 grip onto a .600 golf shaft you now oversized by +1/64. If you install a .600 grip onto a .580 golf shaft you are now undersized by -1/64. I find most golfers prefer oversized grips. You can build up your grips by adding layers of masking tape. One wrap of masking tape is equal to roughly 1/64. Golf grip manufactures also produce oversized grips.


Here is my formula. I have .600 golf shafts. I used .580 round Golf Pride Tour Wrap Velvet Cord golf grips. Before I installed the grips I put three wraps of 2" wide masking tape the whole length of the golf grip. Then I put an additional three layers just where my right goes. I do this because golf grips are tapered. The golf grip feels thicker in your left hand and narrower in your right. I wanted a more uniform feeling. This is accomplished by building up the right hand.

Then finally a layer of 2" wide two sided tape then the grip. By trial and error you will discover your own special combination. Once you do I suggest you write it down and keep it in a safe place. As the golfing season passes by you might forget it.

One Not All

Once you've made that important decision to have your golf grips re-sized don't do the entire set. I suggest only re-sizing one of your golf grips. This way you could give it a test drive for feel and accuracy. If you like it have a couple more done. Once you're positive go ahead and finish the rest. It's easier and less costly to redo one golf grip than an entire set. So be sure! 

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      mabel 3 years ago

      It is very important to select right golf grip.