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Choosing Used Scuba Gear

Updated on July 10, 2010

I have seen this too many a times! Eager people fresh out of their diving classes going out to buy a complete set of scuba gear and spending up to a few thousand dollars then some of the gear they just put aside or sell because it actually doesn´t fit their needs.

Scuba diving is a wonderful sport and I love it to bits! One of the many aspects you have to take in consideration in scuba diving is being comfortable and relaxed while enjoying your dive! You don´t want to always be correcting you BCD because the one you got in a haste is too big for you or as I’ve seen too many times, divers flapping away because the fins they got are way too soft and don´t create enough thrust.

Don´t go out and buy the whole gear at once! Get used scuba gear first, try it out a few times, see if you like it and it fits well and acquire some diving experience and knowledge in scuba gear.

Diver Down Flag
Diver Down Flag

Then, with this experience you have and as well by this time you already know that if scuba diving is a sport for you to follow or not and you will know already what sort of diving type you prefer, whether it will be just open water diving, wreck diving, cave diving and so on, or just diving when you holiday!

Now you can put your used scuba gear up for sale and if you gotten to read this far then follow the tips in choosing used scuba gear before you buy your new scuba gear!


I,m sure you have one by now! Choosing a mask can be tricky, but if you already haven’t got one you can start by inspecting this piece of used scuba gear to see if it has any scratches on the lenses. Make sure skirts are not brittle or cracked, is there any sand trapped between the lens and the lens mount? Check straps for any cracks. Read More on Masks >>

Dive suit

You are going to be glad that you firstly got a used scuba gear suit instead of a new one if you find out that you´re the type of diver that likes to have its knees always on the sand or rocks while inspecting every nick and cranny for sea life! Make sure the suit fits you not too tight! How is the arm movement? Turn over the ankle and wrists area and see if the stitches are still good, making sure there are no tears on the neoprene! Give it an allover inspection inside out! Read More on Diving Suits >>


This piece of scuba gear is fairly cheap if you want to buy new! Still inspect used scuba gear boots for cracks and tears!


As long as the buckle still holds the weight and no tears on the belt itself you´re ok!

BCD or Stabilizing Jacket

There are always loads of used BCDs on the market. If bought new can be one big investment and set you back a bit! As part of complementing your used scuba gear, try it on and see how it fits! Then connect the used BCD for sale you´re inspecting to a dive bottle and power inflate it. Feel how hard the bladders are and let stay for a while to see if there are any leaks. If after five minutes you feel the bladder again and its softer then there is a leak! Now you have to find that leak so you can evaluate if it’s going to be a costly repair. If so then negotiate! Read More on BCDs >>


Inspect the hose for cracks and see if the front cover is scratched! On some regulators the front cover can be replaced if damaged or scratched for a new one and these covers are usually cheap! Din or Yoke it to a filled bottle and try the air flow regulating valve on high and on low! Ask if the first stage fully compensated, better yet, ask if they would lend or rent out this piece of used scuba gearfor a dive or two, you´ll have better chances I making a good decision! Read More on Regulators >>

Octopus or Alternate Air Source

This piece of used scuba gear is mandatory to have, so inspect as above!

Dive Tank or Cylinder

Aluminium or steel, round bottom or flat, this piece of used scuba gear is your air reserve and comes with various capacities! Make sure it´s not too deeply scratched, you can always give it a paint job later! See that the hydraulic test (where demanded) is up to date! 

Depth Gauge

Make sure that the battery is still at a high percentage if it’s the type that the battery is sealed in! There are many types of depth gauges out there, get a simple one to complete you used scuba gear! In time your friends will do the spending and testing for you as to which depth gauge is more functional, just give it time!

With these tips described above by starting off with used scuba gearyou will definitely in time make better choices that will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run!

Have you ever bought any new piece of scuba gear and then realized that it does not meet satisfyingly your needs?

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