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Choosing the Best Camping Lantern

Updated on May 26, 2012

When people go camping they are there to enjoy the great outdoors in front of a roaring fire roasting marshmallows. When initially packing you create a list of the essential that you will need and double check that list to ensure you have everything. Surprisingly most people forget to pack a lighting source. This could be a flashlight, lantern, or candle. So, let’s take a look at some of the Dorcy Lanterns that are available to make sure you have proper lighting on your next camping trip.

Dorcy Lantern makes a wide selection of lanterns to choose. They make them with the highest quality, innovation, and durability that you expect from Dorcy. Here, are some of the types of lanterns available.

Kerosene Lantern:

Kerosene lanterns have been around since the late 1800s. They are a very efficient source of light that is able to give you a wide area to light up. This is great for camping areas outdoors that need to light up a larger area.

The way a kerosene lantern works is that there is a small globe at the bottom of the lamp. The globe is filled with kerosene, and it soaks the wick in the liquid. The liquid is then carried up to the flame by the wick and air pressure. The flames can then be adjusted to the desired level with two knobs that help raise the wick and the amount of kerosene that is being delivered to the flame.

•Plenty of fuel

•Extra mantles

•Fire extinguisher

• Matches

•Spare Kerosene Globe

When you have a kerosene lantern, you want to be sure that you bring enough of the liquid with you to refill it when needed. This is also one of the down sides to a kerosene lantern is that you have to bring the flammable liquid with you. Another disadvantage to the kerosene lamp is you cannot use them indoors because the lamps use kerosene which can produce a toxic fume. They are also very hot so make sure that you keep kids and pets away from the lantern while it is in use.

Propane Lantern:

Propane lanterns are similar to the kerosene lanterns in that they provide large, ample light to an area. They function similarly to the kerosene lanterns by allowing the gas to be siphoned through the hose to the wick which you can light with a match. They are still fed with propane canisters that you have to carry with you that need to be swapped when the fuel gets low.

•Extra propane

•Extra mantles

• Matches

•Spare Globe

•Extra Tubing Accessory that will allow you to feed gas to the wick.

The propane lanterns do really well in lighting up a large area. They do have similar downsides to the kerosene lanterns too. They are not able to be used indoors because of the heat that is generated and the toxic fumes that are used. They should be kept away from children and animals because they do have a tendency to get extremely hot.

Electric Lanterns

Dorcy specializes in getting you the best lantern for the value. They produce a wide range of different types of electric lanterns for your camping needs. There are many benefits to using an electric lantern over the others. First the life of an electric lantern is usually about 10 hours on a full battery charge. They do not get hot or produce toxic fumes that could cause someone to get sick. They come with high powered LED lights that produce a focused or scattered light in a large area.

•Extra batteries

•Extra bulbs

•Spare globe

Camping Dorcy LED lanterns also come with batteries that are dry cell and rechargeable. Using the dry cell batteries, you will get a more intense light for a longer period of time then you will with rechargeable. The down side to dry cell batteries is that the cost of the lantern will go up. Rechargeable batteries are a great option because you can recharge them in a variety of different ways. One way that rechargeable lanterns can be recharged is through solar or crank power. They can also be recharged in the power outlet of your car. So, you are never limited in the ways you can produce light.

Over all no matter which camping lantern you choose to have a Dorcy camping lantern as a backup is always a good idea. You never know the situation you could be in that requires you to have a reliable and stable form of light


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