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Choosing the Right Heavy Bag for your Gym

Updated on October 20, 2010

Choosing the right heavy bag for your gym can become confusing. Heavy bags come in a variety of sizes, materials and weights. You want to make sure you get the best one for your gym that meets your requirements.

The heavy bag you choose will depend on your reason for buying, your size and punching power and where you plan to use it.

Heavy Bag Materials

When choosing a heavy bag you should consider the material. The three most common heavy bag materials are leather, vinyl and water.

Leather is generally the preferred material. They are more durable than other materials and kind on your hands. This makes them enjoyable to punch and long lasting.

Vinyl bags are a cheaper alternative to leather. They mimic the look and feel of leather bags and can be a good solution to the casual user wanting a heavy bag for general fitness.

Water filled bags are adjustable. This allows you to adjust the weight of the bag by adding more water to make the bag heavier. However they do not last as long as their leather and vinyl counterparts.

Standing Vs Hanging

Heavy bags can be hung from the ceiling, a wall or a frame. Standing bags can also be purchased.

Hanging bags usually last longer and provide a better boxing experience. Additional hardware such as hooks and wall and ceiling mounts are required for fixings.

Standing bags are either water or sand filled. They are tough but will not last as long as conventional hanging bags.

Heavy Bag Weights

It is important you select the right weight heavy bag as if the bag is too light it will swing a lot. However if it is too heavy you may not have the punching strength to make it an effective heavy bag workout. A bag that is too heavy can also cause damage to your wrists and hands.

If you are looking for a light workout or focusing on accuracy and speed then a bag weighing around 40-60lb should be fine.

A 150-170lb man with fair punching power would benefit more from a bag weighing over 70lb.

Extremely hard hitters and men weighing over 170lb looking to build punching power should look to buy a heavy bag weighing over 100lb. These bags can take a lot of heavy hitting and hand wraps and gloves should always be worn to protect your wrists and hands.

Heavy Bag Manufacturers

Three of the best known and respected manufacturers of punch bags on the market are Everlast, Ringside and TKO.

Buying an Everlast heavy bag will guarantee you a good quality, durable heavy bag and is comfortable to punch. Everlast are my personal choice of brand. I use Ringside for my sparring gloves, so can recommend their products also as some I am never disappointed with.

If you would like a heavy bag for your home gym for casual fitness or to work off some excess body fat, you probably do not need to spend the extra cash that these calibre of bags demand.

Heavy bags can be purchased fairly cheaply nowadays and offer a workout unrivalled by almost any other type of fitness equipment on the market.


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