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Choosing the right Netball for you and your Netball club

Updated on September 24, 2010

Netball is an increasingly popular game, traditionally for ladies of all ages. It is a fast moving, non contact sport that is often compared to Basketball. Two sides of 7 compete against each other, with a maximum squad size of 12. Many of the girls sides, locally, have up to 4 teams per age group and still, they have a waiting list, for players to join. The main problem being lack of court space for training and matches.

Netballs are manufactured by many of the leading sports ball companies:-

  • Mitre
  • Gilbert
  • Molten
  • Sure shot
  • Plus a few own label brands.

The leading companies though are Mitre and Gilbert. Molten and Sure Shot are relatively new to the market. Mitre supply the matchballs for most professional Netball Matches. They also supply The Co op National Superleague with the Mitre Venturi Pro matchballs. Gilbert endorse the national teams of Wales, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand. Gilbert are also the official ball suppliers to the International Federation of Netball Associations.

The most popular matchball, due to its use in the Superleague, is the Mitre Venturi Pro. It provides a high quality exterior emboss grip, that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The match ball is available in size 5. Gilberts most popular match ball is the Gripsure, which is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it is avalaible in both size 4 and 5.

The Netballs all have a grip. Some claim to use the latest technology to improve performance, these are mainly available on the most expensive balls. The grips on the training balls are normally slighlty bigger but further apart than on match balls

There are more training balls on the market than match balls and they are generally more colourful. Colours often available in pink, orange, blue and yellow. Most balls now include the high retention latex bladder or super bladder for longer bladder reliability, ensuring the balls last longer.

Most balls are available in size 4 and 5. Size 4 balls are suitable up to age 11, therafter all players use size 5.

Prices for Training balls start around the £6 mark with match balls ranging from £16 to £30.

Molten and Sure Shot are relatively new to the Uk Netball scene. Both produce good quality balls for training and matches, they are also a little cheaper as they do not spend so much on their marketing and sponsorship

Most clubs can get some good deals by buying in bulk. Many websites now offer this facility and bulk prices start with the purchase of only 5 balls.

Stuart is a qualified sports coach. He has many years experience in the sports ball industry and watching his family play, Netball.


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