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Choosing the right Snowboard Gear

Updated on December 20, 2009

Selecting the right gear for you!

The following is some advice on how to select the right board, boots and bindings for you. Everyone has their own preference so keep in mind these are just suggestions.

What to look for in a snowboard?

Length: The main thing to consider is the length of the snowboard. It should measure up between the bottom of your chin and eyes. Unless you're heavy set then go with a board around the height of your eyes. Shorter boards (chin length) are easier to learn on and better for tricks. Usually reffered to as a freestyle board. Longer boards are more stable at high speeds due to the longer running length. This will allow you to go faster and be more stable at high speeds but get ready for a slower learning curve.

Width: If you have big feet (usually size 10.5 and over) your going to want a wide board. This will prevent your toe from digging into the snow (known as toe drag) and slowing you down.

Freestyle or Freeride: Essentially snowboards come in more or less two varieties. The first is freestyle which a rider would usually get in a shorter model to allow for easier spins and tricks. As well the shape of the board is designed to make riding backwards (fakie) a lot easier. A freeride board has a directional shape which a rider would typically pick up in a longer model. This allows for stability at high speeds.

Base Material: There are primarily two types of bases, sintered and extruded. Sintered is very porous which allows for a higher wax retention resulting in higher speeds when waxed regularily. Extruded is less porous which results in a easier to maintain and tougher base.

What to look for when selecting bindings?

There are essentially only two pieces of advice when it comes to bindings. The most important thing is to stay away from metal baseplates. A metal baseplate acts like a tuning fork, causing vibrations to go all the way up your legs and into your knees. it will not dampen the vibrations and your knees will feel this at the end of the day, its sucks!

The second, please keep in mind this is not an advertisement. But get yourself some Burton bindings, they start at a little over $100.00. This is the most important investment you can make in snowboarding. There are people who think that Burton bindings are the best and others who think there core binding brand is the best. But, here's a little secret, all bindings can break. The only binding strap/ratchet/hardware your going to find on the mountain or in the near future is Burton. So unless you want to be out of a pair of working bindings for a season you know what to do.

Tips when selecting boots:

The main thing to look for when selecting boots is comfort, comfort, comfort! Your going to be wearing your boots all day so try them on and walk around for a few minutes. Make sure there are no pressure points anywhere before you buy. All boot brands fit differently so try on as many brands as possible until you find the boot that was built for your foot.

boot size: As you wear your boots more and more they will begin to pack out so when your choosing a size try to get a boot where your toes just brush against the inside of the iner if possible.

Buying a snowboard package:

When buying boots, bindings and a board here are few things to watch out for. Take the boots your going to buy and physically put them into the bindings and strap them in. Get the smallest binding size possible that will fit your boot. This will make for a snug fit and more responsive ride. Then insure your bindings will work with the board you are buying (screws and holes in binding discs line up with holes in board).

*If you have any questions at all feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them.


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    • profile image

      shaun white snowboarding game  8 years ago

      Interesting info, keep the it coming happy to browse through and find this thanks, this should be the quality of all the information on here

    • godbyj profile image

      godbyj 8 years ago

      Thanks for the kind words!



    • magdielqr profile image

      magdielqr 8 years ago

      This is great advice.


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