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Chris Weidman Knocks Out Anderson Silva At UFC 162 & Becomes The New Middleweight Champion

Updated on November 21, 2014
Chris Weidman knocks out Anderson Silva at UFC 162.
Chris Weidman knocks out Anderson Silva at UFC 162.

Weidman/Silva The Greatest Upset In UFC History

This may have been the most shocking upset in UFC history. Chris Weidman knocked out Anderson Silva at UFC 162, ending his 7 year reign at the top, and becoming the new UFC middleweight champion!!

Many people inside the UFC predicted that Weidman would win, but there were far many more that didn't think it would actually happen. More surprising than that, was the way in which Weidman was able to pull off the win. He actually caught Silva flush on the chin, and put him down and out. The referee for this match, Herb Dean, looked like he was totally caught off guard when Silva went down. Dean, like everybody else, probably didn't imagine that the fight would end in this manner, with Anderson "The Spider" Silva laid out on the canvas looking to be rescued.

Prior to this fight, Anderson Silva was known for having an amazing chin and incredible, you-have-to-see-it-for-yourself like evasive moves. We seen this when he fought Forrest Griffin, again when he fought Yushin Okami for the second time, and even when he fought Vitor Belfort. He was just known as a guy that was hard to hit, and if you did connect, he would just eat it for breakfast and keep going. He's taken shots from Vitor Belfort, Dan Henderson, and Chael Sonnen practically pummeled him for 4 and a half rounds. In spite of that, he came out on top every single time. The highlight reel that he's established during his time in the UFC is one that most fighters can only dream of. UFC commentator Joe Rogan often referred to Silva as the "pound for pound greatest mixed martial artist of all time", and there are many fans who agreed with that assessment of Anderson Silva.

UFC 162: Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman
UFC 162: Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman

Going into UFC 162 Chris Weidman was undefeated, but only had 10 career fights under his belt. Although Weidman had a couple decent highlight reel moments, including an incredible standing guillotine submission, and a brutal KO over top contender Mark Munoz, they weren't enough at the time to make you believe that he had what it took to topple the most dominant UFC middleweight ever.

As the fight began, what we did see from the outset was that Chris Weidman was not there to play around. He didn't hesitate, he didn't back down, and at no time was Weidman in any jeopardy. He came forward, got an immediate takedown, and starting reigning down some serious ground and pound on Silva. When that didn't go his way, he jumped down on a leg lock submission and actually had Silva in a sticky spot. Silva was able to escape that and get back standing. Weidman didn't waste any time, and immediately went on the attack. Silva, once again using those evasive maneuvers, was making Weidman miss and toying with him excessively. We've seen Silva toy with opponents in the past, but the level he took it to in this fight was ridiculously extreme. He even kissed Weidman on the cheek at the end of Round 1.

At this moment, we weren't sure what we were witnessing.

It wasn't looking good for Weidman during the second half of Round 1. In spite of that, Weidman comes out in Round 2 ready to get it on once again. He continues to attack, undaunted by Silva's dancing and clowning. Now although we've seen Silva play with past opponents in this manner, what Silva would ultimately do was even too much for him. Silva drops his hands to his sides, leans backward with his knees bent, and leaves his chin wide open, which Weidman took full advantage of, and threw a wild left hook that caught and dropped Silva flat on the canvas.

Weidman swarms Silva immediately, trying to land more finishing shots while the champ is laid out. Silva is not defending himself intelligently, and this is the point when Herb Dean comes in to stop the fight. Just like that, Silva fans are crushed, Weidman fans are thrilled, and MMA fans worldwide are shocked beyond belief. Dana White brings in the belt and wraps it around the waist of the new middleweight champion of the world, Chris Weidman. This is truly one the biggest upsets in UFC history. I'm sure this will not be the last we see of "The Spider", but for now the UFC has a new middleweight champ who captured the belt in shocking fashion.

UFC 162: Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman


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