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Christianity and the Martial Arts - Opening Comments

Updated on December 21, 2012

We begin this study with an understanding that the overall subject matter is the corruption of the martial arts. This was accomplished by added occult factors which we will examine later.

The occult, which slowly inundated the martial arts, is the issue which causes Christianity, in many cases, to avoid training in the Arts. The thought process seems to be "they are all bad." This mind set is the result of hearing others’ thoughts on the subject and not investigating on ones own. Sadly, this is a major problem of many church Bible studies today also.

God does not say "Listen to others to show thyself approved . . .". God says "Study . . .", 2 Timothy 2:15. It is the command of God that the individual learn directly from Him, with help from others and not the other way around. His Word addresses the propriety of the Arts.

Our title is "Christianity and the Martial Arts." We will find the aversion many Christians have to the martial arts is due to the corruption caused by Satan. We state from the beginning that original martial arts, as given by God, were not initially corrupted by the occult. Nor do we believe, as some teach, that the occult a necessary part of the arts.

Further, we do not believe that the ever present sin nature of man is part of the occult, although there is a line where one crosses into it. So we can say that the natural, yet evil processes for which man has used the Arts, though Satan inspired, were not initially related to the occult.

Man’s corruption of the Arts was almost immediate when viewed in the time frames of history. But, it would be centuries before the occult corrupted them in the manner which is prevalent today. And, in this, Satan is the instigating culprit.

It is important to understand that Satan does exist. He is named in the Bible, Job 1:6; Matthew 4:10, and his works are evident in the maniacal acts of man, some of which acts are only possible through powers which man cannot generate on his own. They come from the "prince" of this world, Ephesians 2:2.

Man has no supernatural power. But, he has a sin nature and a free-will. He choses on his own. The "cartoon" of an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other is a perfect analogy of man’s inner action with good and evil. And the cartoon exemplifies the fact that neither makes the man do anything. He chooses based on his own inherent nature and wants. But, even after man chooses Jesus Christ as his personal savior, the devil does not go "poof" and disappear, as the cartoon relates. He is still on his shoulder, whispering in your ear. Choices do not end with salvation.

Satan is real and there is no good thing found in him. Without a belief that he is real, man has no concept of good and bad. The Yin and Yang/Um and Yang are a picture of this good and bad concept. We will cover these in a later page. This concept is unGodly, akin to the occult.

We will begin this study where it all began, the arts and man’s history, "at the beginning," just outside the Garden of Eden. Then we will follow man and the Arts through history.

Our foundation will be the facts of the Bible and the theories of secular history. They will meld well in most areas. In few cases, we will defer to developed theory, but when we do, it will be evident and not presented as "fact" as the evolutionists do. And when we do, we will have to rely on the an old Southern preacher’s axiom "I cain’t prove it is, but you cain’t prove it ain’t."

Stick with us as we have a long way to go. We all are individuals with individual tastes. Along the way, we will take side steps to address issues which may seem unrelated. Sometimes you may find certain pages dull while others thirst for more of the same (we hope). But over all, we hope to generate an interest that will keep you coming back.

We will do our best to cover all points regarding Christianity and the Martial Arts.


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    • Doc Young profile image

      Doc Young 5 years ago from Troy, MI

      Thanks for the comments, AM. (We call my grandaughter AM). I am sure we will address all your items as we go through. I have a couple earlier (newbie) Hubs which do address several of them. They will be revisited as needed for continuity. Hope you will "stay tuned to this channel."

    • AMFredenburg profile image

      Aldene Fredenburg 5 years ago from Southwestern New Hampshire

      An interesting topic. I'm not sure what you're referring to in terms of the occult and martial arts; I haven't seen this kind of emphasis on the occult, but I'm then far from being a martial arts expert.

      I do know that some martial arts have their basis in religious cultures that predate Christianity and do have their spiritual side to them. Kung fu, for instance, has its basis in Buddhism, which also has a very long healing tradition that includes energetic healing and is definitely not satanic. (I know one person who considers himself both a Shingon Buddhist and a Christian, but that's a bit off the subject.)

      Buddhists and Taoists both have spiritual practices that have value in the real world. The yin and yang concept that you mention comes from Taoism, as does the notion that people are made of stardust--an elegant and romantic concept and perhaps an ancient glimmer of the modern Big Bang theory - :) I don't think Buddhist or Taoist views of the cosmos are incompatible with the compassion and kindness that are at the heart of Jesus' teachings.

      I am interested in seeing how you develop the connection between Christianity and the martial arts, and look forward to the discussion.