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Christianity and the Martial Arts - God Created the Martial Arts

Updated on January 15, 2013

When we first began with Hubpages, we did several pages on this subject in the "History of the Martial Arts," but only on a cursory level. Hopefully, those of you that read these will bare with us as we go over them again in order to keep continuity and present a full picture in this more in-depth study. So we begin.

As Satan instigated the corruption of mankind, he caused the corruption of many things which God gave man. The martial arts are only one of them but they are the focus of this study. They were God-given or inspired, Psalm 144:1.

Ps 144:1, A Psalm of David. Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:

We will cover this verse in the next Hub. For now, we stay on point.

Martial arts are a valid, propitious, Biblical system of self-defense. The Christian Martial Arts Fellowship (CMAF) follows the directive of Isaiah 1:17 . (Find us at We call this our creed.

To fully honor this directive, one must have the skills. And, though you may develop some good techniques and ability in traditional martial arts programs, be mindful of two items: 1) the majority of martial arts programs have become aggressive in many aspects and 2) they are inundated with the occult. It would be an impossibility to correctly call a system "a Christian system" without a large amount of house cleaning in these two areas. But it can be done.

In this study, we will show how the martial art had their beginning, purpose and use according to God's will. We will also bring out the true picture of the occult as the corrupting influence of the martial arts.

But there is more purpose to the occult than just corrupting the arts. It corrupts the individual in both a direct and subliminal manner.

The occult is a large part of history. It is used by the devil in a myriad of ways for his purposes, even to the corrupting of the story of Adam and Eve.

And they have become a major issue, though not a necessary part of, the martial arts. We will see this in a general sense as we move toward our purpose which is to discover and expose the corrupting and continuing effects of the occult on the martial arts.

We will see the occult has been subverting God’s creation since the Garden of Eden; how it is presented as a means of salvation apart from God; and how it has become a part of secular teachings as well as religious teachings thereby winning acceptability, actually replacing God’s eternal plan of salvation.

We will discover when and how the occult inundated the martial arts.

We will expose many of the occult factors of the Arts. We will denounce the supposed physical and biological factors of traditional martial arts’ philosophy as fallacies, being in opposition to the natural laws of physics and biology, as well at the Word of God.

Christians have an imperative to study and recognize that all present day things had their beginning in purity being God-given and created by God for his purpose.

Colossians 1:16, For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether [they be] thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:

One can bend this verse around as much as the want, it doesn't change the meaning. The so-called creations of Satan are merely corrupted imitations of God’s creation. Satan's main ability lies in causing chaos and deception.

God created all things, including martial arts, and set them to work in the Middle East, before the Great Flood. We will discover this when we get to Cain and his progeny.

The works of Satan brought on the Flood. Man would like to erase the slate and start over. But he can’t. And God didn't. Nothing one learns or experiences is forgotten.

There were weapons and there was war before the Flood. Mankind, through Noah and his sons, brought the knowledge and abilities of the martial arts with them through the water. And it wasn’t long after that man began to err once again.

After the Flood, God "restarted" His creation, again in the Middle East. All things moved out from there. And all things were, once again, corrupted by the work of the devil. We’ll see this began almost immediately according to both the Bible and history.

The Bible and History, or history and the Bible if you will, both agree that the present day beliefs that the martial arts began in the Far East and the they came into existence in the last 4,000 years is incorrect. We’ll cover this and much more, given time. But ...

In the next Hub we’ll jump ahead a dozen centuries and, find that it is written "God taught the martial arts to David for his use." He could do this because He is the creator of all things, Colossians 1:16, and the martial arts is one of those things.


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