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Christianity and the Martial Arts - The Occult and the Arts

Updated on December 31, 2012

Most people are aware that Eastern religious philosophies are a part of the martial arts. For some unknown reason it is accepted "necessary for training and tradition." This is not a fact.

It is true that many present martial arts systems can be a "mind-bending," Satan influenced experience. It is equally true that the occult has become a direct and subliminal part of the training in many systems, but these effects can and should be removed.

These subtleties are easily assimilated into the training and the student. They can be found in the uniform insignias, the wall trappings or the direct verbal teachings of the instructor. Christians with a good foundation in faith can train in those systems and remain separate, but it's dangerous and risky at best.

There are not that many Christian-based systems with strong Christian leadership. And just because it’s "Christian owned and operated" does not mean that the corruption does not exist in that school.

It is possible that a Chief Instructor, Christian or not, teaches sacrilegious concepts without even realizing it. He teaches his particular Art in the same manner in which he was taught. He was taught techniques, etiquette and a miscellany of lesser related rules. At the same time, he was taught not to question.

We Christians know that God created all things and nothing was corrupt "in the beginning." We just forget it sometimes. At other times we express taught opinions learned from others rather than personally qualified knowledge from study or experience.

We also know that Satan continues to assault God’s people and plans. Unlike much of the unsaved world, we know and believe that Satan is alive and working. But we should never give him credit for creating anything. He can only corrupt and ruin. Whatever it was, when God created it was perfect. Man corrupts things through the devil’s influence. The result is that Satan is given credit as a "creator." It is an impossibility for the devil to create.

One may also see what seems to be a dichotomy of thought with regards to being a martial artist or karateka and being a Christian. There is none.

God has created and developed many types of men over the centuries for his purpose. At the one end of the spectrum is the weeping prophet Jeremiah. At the other end is David, the warrior. God will, no doubt, continue to lift up new men as new challenges to his omnipotence appear. But He has already set the examples.

This study is presented from the position that God is in charge of all things. Whether or not the reader accepts this premise does not change His Supremacy.

The legitimizing of any martial arts discipline is done by putting its parts and purposes together and comparing them to the Word of God.

The martial arts are the focus of this study. History is our format. The Bible is our foundational benchmark.

To sum up, this study of the martial arts is presented from a Christian perspective. The purpose is to show that when the arts "began," they had a Godly (Christian) base and purpose. In doing so we must delve into other areas of history. This is necessary to bring out the facts of the corruption while addressing the related misconceptions, legends and myths fostered by the modern day martial arts.

Sub-topics will be explored as they are found to be necessary for comparison and analysis. It is our hope that through this entire study, the reader will remain open minded and study that which is presented. The truth will appear.


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