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Best Budget Road Bikes.

Updated on April 6, 2016

General Information.

This article is on the best budget road bikes for all the family. The budget road bikes selected are for young children right up to adult bikes for those who wish to take up cycling on a small budget. These bikes are all first class and are made to good standards by reputable companies. It's important to buy a road bike the correct size for you and not one you can grow into. Having a bike that fits you and you are comfortable with will enhance your enjoyment and make you want to go out regularly. Happy cycling.

Budget Bikes

This article is about budget road bikes for all the family. These are not the top of the range bikes with expensive front forks and titanium handle bars but general family bikes that are suitable for going out on roads and trails at weekends and in the evening.

Which ever bike you choose they do keep you fit whether that is cycling alone or with the rest of the family. The type of features a bike has and the materials they are made from all adds to the cost. But I think in this selection there should be something for everyone. Most bikes have some accessories but it's worth looking out for more to make your bike individual.

Two things to remember

1. Always where a cycling helmet see "mountain bike helmets" and gloves. Gloves save your hands when you fall off and falling on a tarmac road hurts, believe me. If you are going to use your bike for work then it makes sense to get used to wearing a hat.

2.Get some bike insurance:- 3 or 4 bikes in a garage or shed are easy pickings for thieves, so if you have spent $1000 on bikes for all the family, make sure you have protection.

Young Girls Bike-Tri-cycle

The Disney Princess girls bike has 16" wheels, rear stabilisers that can be removed, a padded seat which can be altered in height and an enclosed chain side guard. This is a little girls dream first bike. You want a safe reliable first bike so make this your choice. This bike is stable and is durable enough to take all the knocks and falls that a youngster can throw at it

A tri-cycle is safer for young chilren as they can easily lose their balance. This would suit a girl between 3 years and 6 years old. It is pink in colour and is only $79.99to buy.

Young Boys Bike-Tri-cycle

Which young boy can resist a Spider-man bike it has 12 "or 16" wheels is in the BMX styling, it has a heavy duty frame, nobbly tyres, fully enclosed chain in guard and rear coaster brakes for additional sure stopping. Again this is a tri-cycle type bicycle. Ideal for the budding super hero in your family. This bike is suitable for boys aged 2+ - 5 years old for smaller bike and 3+ - 7 years for the larger. Comes with great decals and priced from $58.15

Boys bike for 8-12 years

The Diamond back Jr Viper BMX Bike.  Any boy, but particularly a very young onewants a bike that matches up to his expectations.This Diamond back bike is well designed and is sized for the slightly smaller boy between 8-12 years of age, it has a BMX style frame with 20 " wheels. The frame is heavy duty so it should take plenty of knocks and falls that any young boy can throw at it and is priced at only $149.99

Full Suspension Bikes

Full suspension bikes have suspension on the front wheel and suspension attached to the frame at the back . These bikes are for off road, jumping logs and ditches, ideal for trails through woods and country side. Wear a "full face mountain bike helmet" if needed. These bikes are usually made of stronger frames, either aluminium or high tensile steel. Have 18 or 21 shimano gears and are great fun for teenage boys.

Best Budget Bikes for Women

The best value for money bike for women is the Schwinn Winwood Cruiser bike. So whether you choose to go to the local shop or further a field this bike is ideal. It has 26" wheels, a comfortable saddle, mud guards to the front and rear and comes complete with a rear rack for carrying items. The price is excellent value at only $155.00

Best Budget Mens bike

The best value mens bike is the Schwinn Mens Hybrid bike. It has large wheels, a aluminium frame, front suspension, a padded seat and 21 gears. This makes this bike ideal for commuting to work or socialising with the family on outings at the weekend. The bike is $224.99 and represents good value.

Racing Bike

This bike is made by GMC and is called the DENALI Road Racer. It is yellow and black in colour, the frame size is 22½". It has 21 gears, alloy forks and aluminium frame and shimano gears. Comes complete with a cage to hold a drinks bottle. Excellently priced from $159.00

Bike Accessories

For young children it is essential to have the right accessories fitted to your bike.
No bike is complete without some accessories, a bell , a bike rack, wider tyres or a new seat the list goes on. If you have children bikes it is a must to accessorise it. To show off to their friends or neighbours having the latest techno all lights flashing gizmo they just have to have and be seen using it.

The Schwinn multi function trip computer tells you your speed,the time how far you have riden, your accumalative miles travelled. This is an essential piece of kit for the cyclist who wants to monitor his mileage on a daily basis for work or leisure. Easy to fit supplied with instructions.

Bike Lights

You need lights on your bike as soon as you want to stay out longer. Their the one essential piece of kit that every bike should have. You want to child to be seen by motorists and pedestrians.

The Planet Beamer front bike light is perfect. 3 LED bulbs, easy to fit bracket and easy to use.

The planet rear light you can have flashing red light or just the red light- again it's very simple to fit and will keep you save. I recommend both these lights, there not very expensive and will keep cars and other motor vehicles away from you.

Child seat for a bike

May be you have a young child who is to young to have their own bike and it would be a pity to stop everyone else having some fun. There are seats that fit attached to your bike so the youngest member of the family can come along too, You need to secure them to your bike following the instructions supplied. They don't add a lot of weight to the adults bike and once fitted there ready for use.

Repair kit for your bike

Having a tyre repair kit is an essential piece of kit to have with you. Repairing a puncture to your bike is an occupational hazard- no matter how hard you try to avoid glass or thorns from bushes you will get the odd puncture so it's best to have a handy set of tools to do the job.

You may want to alter or adjust other mechanical parts on your bike so I would recommend having a good tool kit like the brand new Home Mechanic Bike Tool kit pictured on the right. It has all the tools needed for a variety of jobs and comes in its own case.

Bicyle Pumps

Having your own bicycle pump will allow you to re-pump your tyres when they become slightly deflated and to re-pump air back into the inner tube after you have repaired a puncture. Make sure the fitting on the pump will fit your type of tyre. Modern pumps can easily be changed to fit most types of schrader fitting so it's best to get one of this type. I recommend the Schwinn Aluminium Frame pump which will fit this purpose.

The other pumps on show are ones that you put your feet on to assist you with pumping air into the tyres. These are slightly heavier and bulkier to carry around, but are ideal for the shed or garage.

First Aid Kit

Carrying a first aid kit around with you on your bike makes a lot of sense. You can easily use a antisepitic wipe to clean any grazes or cuts and you can easily apply a plaster or bandage to keep the wound clean until you get home.

I really like the American Red Cross Emergency kit, it has everything that is needed to cope with minor accidents, it's light in weight and will last ages. It's also excellent value at just $10.19 It is a small price to pay to make sure your child gets up after a fall, cleaning the area and putting a plaster on any cut or scrape and away he/she will go again.  Buy with confidence and have peace of mind should your child fall off their bike.


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