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Circuit Training

Updated on March 24, 2013

The most demanding and advantageous form of exercise is circuit training. It is very efficient for endurance, flexibility, strength development and coordination. Circuit training is very well known among common men as well as the most superior athletes. Athletes can use circuit training before their final performance or before the season starts as it help build up a strong foundation of fitness and makes the body ready to withstand vigorous training in the future.

Circuit training helps rectify all imbalances that take place while playing high level sports. For athletes associated with games like triathlon, soccer or classic endurance, strength endurance gets better with circuit training. High levels of fitness can be achieved with circuit training even if you are not a professional athlete. It does not require a lot of time, it is stimulating and helps break monotony. There are a variety of circuits that cater to different sports that help derive good results. Circuit training is not any kind of exercise; it shows how an exercise regime is designed and must be followed. It devises a schedule that helps in improving strength development or increasing the endurance level or sometimes both.

Circuit training that is followed in fitness centres and boot camps follows a set of ten standard exercises for a duration of an hour with breaks of thirty to sixty seconds in between each exercise. Though for ordinary persons (non athletes) circuits are the best way to stay fit they may not be of any help for endurance athletes. Cardiovascular fitness and the development of strength can be enhanced with circuit training. Running and cycling for a long duration of time is a form of circuit training and is well liked in fitness centres.

Circuit training improves over all fitness and enhances sport specific performance. There are different training programs, exercises and regimes that present that aim at producing different results at the end of different sport performances.

Strength and stamina can be developed by circuit training. Circuit training is very challenging and this is one reason why it is enjoyed by fitness freaks as general fitness can be attained in a short span of time.

Muscular endurance can also be enhanced by athletes with circuit training. Circuit training exercises are mainly for over all fitness but they are ideal for athletes to strengthen their primary foundation. Check out some of these circuit training programs and schedules that aim at enhancing sport specific strength endurance.


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