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Clash of Champions Predictions

Updated on September 25, 2016

Following Smackdown’s highly-successfully Backlash PPV, RAW looks to capture success with their own PPV. With a name of Clash of Champions, the PPV seems promising. Fans will be watching the PPV to see if RAW can put on an exciting PPV.

With all of the championships on the line, it’s anyone’s guess who walks out winning the belt.


Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins

Everyone was shocked when Kevin Owens won the WWE Universal Championship a few weeks ago. Thanks to an assist from Triple H, Owens can now relish in being the champ on Monday’s show. But Owens championship reign could come to an end when he faces Seth Rollins.

After being screwed out of the championship, Rollins is a man on a mission. He’s shown he’ll stop at nothing to get what he rightfully deserves.

It’s no doubt that both Owens and Rollins are championship material. With the WWE Universal Championship on the line, both men will put on a hell of a show.

Winner: Owens will win with another assist from Triple H.


Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Bayley

Three of WWE’s top women Superstars will give it their all as they stack their claim as RAW’s Women’s champion.

Following her shocking win at SummerSlam, Charlotte as regained her spot the Queen of the WWE. But she soon found reign threatened when Bayley made her RAW debut. Fan favorite Bayley, immediately challenged Charlotte for the championship.

Yet, Bayley’s dreams of winning the championship appeared to be dashed, when Sasha Banks made her return. After suffering an injury, Sasha was cleared to return to action. After beating Bayley in a triple threat match to secure the #1 contender spot, Sasha is ready to reclaim her title.

However, last week thanks to Charlotte’s protégé Dana Brooke, it was revealed both Bayley and Sasha’s shoulders were down during the pin. General Manager Mick Foley made the match a triple threat much to the dismay of Charlotte.

All three women are WWE’s popular wrestlers and any one of them could walk out with the women’s championship.

Winner: I’m going with Sasha Banks to win this match. I see Dana accidentally costing Charlotte the championship, setting up the feud between the former champion and her protégé.


The New Day vs The Club

This is a feud that’s been going on for what seems like forever. The New Day has cemented their status as WWE’s long-reigning tag teams.

Then there’s The Club made up Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have become hugely popular. After being separated from their friend AJ Styles during the Draft, The Club is looking to prove they can survive on their own.

They’ve shown they’re a dangerous force as they’ll attack anyone who stands in their way. With the tag team titles in their sight, they ready to take them from The New Day.

What started out as a good feud quickly turned dismal with The Club resorting to The New Day’s childish antics. Clash of Champions should put an to this feud much to the delight of the WWE Universe.

Winner: Like all good things, The New Day’s reign must come to an end. Look for The Club to walk away as the tag champions.

Roman Reigns vs Rusev

The feud between the two is back on and hotter than ever.

After costing Reigns another shot at the WWE Universal Championship, Rusev has earned the wrath of the former champion.

The two men have great chemistry together and this feud is just the thing Reigns needs to work his way back on top.

Add the United States Championship to the mix, this is going to be an intense match.

Winner: Rusev is a good US champion, but I see Reigns coming out on top in this feud.


T.J. Perkins vs Brian Kendrick

Newly crowned Cruiserweight champion T.J. Perkins will have his first title defense against Brian Kendrick.

Both men were part of the Cruiserweight division on the WWE Network. Kendrick is a former tag team champion, who made his return to the ring after a long absence. Kendrick is looking to prove he’s still got what it takes to make it in the WWE.

As for Perkins, as the Cruiserweight champion, he’s out to show the crowd why he deserves to be champion. He’ll have his chance when he makes his PPV debut tonight.

Winner: T.J. Perkins walks away with the victory.


Sami Zayn vs Chris Jericho

This feud started not too long ago after Zayn appeared on a Jericho’s Highlight Reel.

Zayn’s high-flying moves has made him popular among the WWE Universe. He hasn’t been featured much since being drafted to RAW, but a feud with Chris Jericho is just the thing he needs to get his momentum started.

Winner: My pick is Zayn. He’s long overdue for a win.


Sheamus vs Cesaro

This is another feud that no too many people are invested in.

The feud has gone on long enough, but come Sunday it will finally end. Cesaro and Sheamus have competed in a best of seven series. At the moment, both men are tied at 3 a piece. Tonight one man will win the fourth match to prove they are the best.

Winner: Cesaro is going to win this one. Hopefully, after this match, they’ll have the men move on to new feuds.


Nia Jax vs Alicia Fox

It’s great to see them giving Nia Jax a proper feud instead of putting her against local jobbers. Alicia Fox is the perfect choice as Jax’s opponent. After Jax hurt one of Alicia’s friends during a match, Fox went off on the former NXT SuperStar.

A week later, the two were to face off in a match when Jax speared Fox through a barricade. That was enough to kickstart the women’s feud. The two get a chance to battle each other at tonight’s PPV.

Can underdog Alicia Fox beat Jax?

Or will Jax demolish Fox like she’s done her other opponents?

Winner: Nia Jax is a dominate force and I see this match between the two ending quickly with Jax destroying Fox.


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