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Clay Court Maintenance

Updated on February 11, 2015
Har-Tru Court Pac Roller
Har-Tru Court Pac Roller | Source

Spring Reconditioning

Spring Reconditioning - Clay Courts that are shut down for the winter require what is called Spring Reconditioning in the Spring (usually around April 15th to May 1st in the Midwest). Below are the basic rules that you need to follow to start your spring season if you are interested in saving money and doing it your self. It is a lot of hard work and heavy lifting but it can be done!

  • Order 2 Tons (50 - 80 lb Bags) of Har-Tru per court (at least 1 month ahead of opening day) - Contact you local Har-Tru Dealer for pricing.
  • Weather - when the court are no longer frozen and not too wet begin working on the courts
  • Clean all debris (Sticks, leaves etc) off the courts
  • Roll your courts with a good quality roller. Har-Tru sells an excellent roller called the COURT Pac Roller. Make sure you order one that fits thru your fences. They come in 4' and 5' width. Contact your local dealer for pricing or contact us at Schubert Tennis for great Pricing. Roll once or twice per day to make sure that they are firm.
  • Luting - Once they have been rolled a few times remove the dead material (Loose sand) off the top with a lute. Scrape as much dead material off the top as possible.
  • Install the Har Tru - Make sure the courts are not too damp. If the are there is gypsum in the Har Tru that will lock up the material and you will not be able to spread it properly. There are two basic ways to to apply the material.1. Purchase a commercial (TruFlo Top Dresser) spreader that Har-Tru has in their line of spreaders. 2. Spread out with a lute. Both ways work great. Most newbies like the spreader and the guys that have been doing it forever like Luting. As soon as the material use the court broom to smooth the surface out. To smooth and level out the material most people use a long ladder and drag it across the surface to help fill in the low spots. Make sure that surface is smooth without any lumps.
  • Watering - as soon as you are finished turn the sprinkler system on to firm it up. Do not overly water. Just enough to get the whole surface wet.
  • Rolling Again - Many of the companies that do Spring Reconditioning like to get in and get out. So what they do is roll the courts that day and line them right way. I disagree. I prefer to give it several days of rolling before installing the lines.
  • Relining - I strongly recommend leaving this to the professionals. They earn every penny they make doing this. Most people install new lines but it is possible to save the lines from the previous year and put then down again. By the way make sure that you pull up your lines every fall. I will explain more in detail in the Fall section

In Season Maintenance

Coming Soon!! Please be patient because it is really important.


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