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Cleaning and Oiling your Samurai sword

Updated on May 31, 2011

My katana and cleaning kit

Frequent cleaning and oiling of one's samurai sword is very important in keeping the sword in good condition. The type of steel used in real, "battle ready" as their often known, samurai swords is very susceptible to rust and corrosion. For this reason it is important that whenever the sword is used to cut something, whether it be fruit in your backyard or lopping off heads on the battlefield, it should be thoroughly cleaned and oiled after that use.


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To start, you will need a sword cleaning kit. This kit includes sword blade oil, rice paper, a powder ball and a hammer for taking your sword apart if necessary, although you do not need to take anything apart in order to clean and oil your blade.

To start first un-sheath your sword and wipe it down with a piece of rice paper. (Be careful of the blade side! Swords are razor sharp and can cut you to the bone if you accidentally run your hand along it) This will remove the excess grease and crude from your last use and cleaning.

Don't swallow this stuff!
Don't swallow this stuff!

Now that the blade has been wiped down you need the powder ball. Take the ball and lightly apply powder down the length of the blade. You don't need cover the blade just get a light dusting of powder down the length of it. Repeat for both sides of the blade.

Now take a fresh piece of rice paper and wipe the blade down again, always being careful of your blades edge. Wipe the blade until the powder has been rubbed in and is no longer visible on your blade. The blade should have a dull look to the metal. If there are still portions that are shiny in the light then apply more powder.

Finally, apply sword oil down the length of the blade. Again, do not overdue it with the grease just enough so as to coat the length of the blade. Wipe the length of the blade down again and there you have it, one freshly oiled ready to slice and dice samurai sword. Enjoy, and be careful of that blade edge!

Nice and shiny
Nice and shiny


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    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      great hub am knife collector