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Clone Golf Clubs - Great Value or Cheap Imitation

Updated on May 18, 2014
Focus your Energy (and money) on improving your golf game.
Focus your Energy (and money) on improving your golf game.

From Tour Pros to the Weekend Duffer, most golfers cherish their golf clubs. When we hit a good shot, we smile, do a few fist bumps and praise the golf club. However, when we hit a bad shot our reaction is quite different and many times the golf club bears the brunt of our frustration. Which leads us to one simple truth in golf: It is how you swing your clubs that determines the outcome of the shot.

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Your Golf Clubs

High quality golf clubs will improve your golf game. Your golf equipment makes a difference. However, it is worth your while to explore clone golf clubs. Clone golf clubs (often referred to as “knockoff clubs”) are less expensive than brand names. For example, Ping G-20 Irons are $665.00 at GolfDiscount while the G-20 Clone golf clubs are $230.00 at GRgolf. (Best Clone Club Site) Odyssey putters range from $149 to $299, while the clones are $20 to $40 dollars.

Full Golf Club Comparison

Golf Club
Brand Name Price
Clone Golf Club Price
Taylormade RBZ Driver
Taylormade RBZ 3-Wood
Nike Hybrid 4-Iron
Ping G-20 Graphite Irons 5-PW
Cleveland Loft Wedge
Odyssey Putter
Your Savings ->
!! $885.00 !!
** Dollar Amounts derived from and

GRGolf *was* the best Clone Golf Club reseller on the web. They are no longer selling golf clubs.

I Want to Improve My Golf Game

Every golfer wants to improve their golf game. Bobby Jones teaches us that golf is primarily a mental game. Teaching Pros talk about confidence, swing memory, visualizing the shot and course management. Golf lessons focus on grip, stance, balance and swing mechanics. Any golfer will tell you that practice, practice, practice will improve your game. However, in all this discussion we never mention golf clubs. Consider this interesting poll:

Who Would You Bet On?

See results

Your Golf Equipment Arsenal

Whether you use clone golf clubs or not, the clubs only represent a part of your golf equipment arsenal. Your golf shoes, golf balls, golf bag, golf apparel, and golf accessories all play a role in your overall golf game.

  • Golf shoes contribute to your stance and balance.
  • Golf balls effect ball flight and landing on green.
  • Golf bags protect your clubs from shaft and club head damage.
  • Golf apparel allows for unrestricted swing mechanics.
  • Golf accessories such as golf GPS units help build consistency into your game.

Bottom Line: There is more to the game of golf than a fancy set of clubs!

The True Secret to Better Golf

"Develop a better swing and you will be a better golfer"

Of course, achieving a better swing requires effort. Buy Instructional books and videos, take lessons and most importantly practice, practice, practice. Best part of buying clone golf clubs is you can now afford a few videos, a lesson or two and many bucket of balls at the driving range.

Hit 'em long, Hit 'em straight, Score Low!
Hit 'em long, Hit 'em straight, Score Low! | Source


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    • chefmancave profile imageAUTHOR

      Robert Loescher 

      5 years ago from Michigan

      I do agree that "You get what you pay for". The point I was trying to achieve was that improving your golf game is better served by spending money on lessons or practice rather than name brand clubs. My best year scorewise was shot after buying Clone clubs and taking a 5-day golf lesson.

    • bbgolfer profile image


      5 years ago

      Good things in life come with a price, I always believed the more expensive the better, you just need to be wise in your selection. Thanks


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