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Club Culture of Bangalore.

Updated on October 16, 2014
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

How do you Start a Club.

! - you need a place,any place your home also can be private or public registered under the society Act with a group of people having a Name and Memorandom of Association.The memorandom of association must have objectives.Rules and Regulations called bye-laws.The rules can go on as lengthy as needed and it has to be in accordence with the laws that are made by the Govt and its agency who will give the permission to register after payment of fees that are to be paid.The office bearers in the first place to start with will have a leader who will be designated as Chairman or President with a Vice Chairman or President,a Hon Secretary,a Hon Jt Secretary,A Hon Treasurer,and members which shall be a even number with the ommision of the Chairman or President.

After this club is registered by a simple bribe to the concerned govt official the club can start its social activity.

Just Chairs and tables and several pack of cards.

The social activity starts with men who want to relax from their office work and work tension,so they start their game and of course you need to have some motivation to play.There fore they fix some amount as Paisa or Rs. per point and play till its time to go home for lunch.They however do not care if they lose or win as it has to be given to their wife's as days geeges opposite of wages or geelary opposite of salary of the day.While salary is monthly geelary is daily,that is the corruption money they get given to their wife's as the amount they won playing cards.They cannot say that their husband is getting geelary every day to their neighbours.

The days winners all of them have to pay the club their membership fee and contribution from winning a sum as fixed by the CARD ROOM Secretary.

Read & Watch. or Eat & Drink.

Those who do not want to watch will have to read books and magazines or watch TV.This is the begining.

Soon these members want coffee or some refreshing soft drinks.This is provided right near the place of their hangout by boys engaged to serve them.

Few people want coffee.

Few need snacks.

Soon a canteen is opened and they serve anything vegitarian,soon it caters also non vegitarian stuff also.

Few members who do not want anything except liquor and Beer are also taken care by the club managing committee.The revenue is now quite impressive and they plan their next move.

One more room is added.

The revenue generated will be used to construct a Billiards Room.

What happens more members are now coming to join the club.News spreads and membership goes up.The Managing committee increase the fee.Never minding people join and club hits the headlines and soon the Bar gets renovated as it is cheap to drink here than a public Bar.The revenue swells and the committee heads for its next expansion.

Heavy Rush by Boys & Girls.

The committee nowconstructs a tall shed where 2 shuttlecock courts can be accomidated and no sooner it is opened the club finds it self with more money than they ever thought off in their plans.They take up renovation and start to accquire more land.A IAS officer who is the president helps them get more land.

They build Car Park,Tennis Courts and a swimming pool with party hall.

Membership swells - Fee is increased as admission fee in annual fee.

More Beautification to get more Members.

Massive construction and renovation is done and membership goes up and up more people want to join as the club has a new look and a brand immage.

There being plenty of members by now some body with the know how of horticulture will be scouted and put in charge of garden maintance.His budget will have all the plans that were santioned by the managing committee.He goes on spending all the budget and keeps his job very happly doing things.

The ultimate result is the first impression that one gets on entering the club.There fore all care is taken in this regard.

Everything a Club must have.

A swimming pool the need of the hour to get state wide recognition.

Construct a Swimming Pool and wait for other clubs wanting to join us.

A club with a pool attracts children,lady's,boys and girls.MEN fond of swimming will definetly enter the pool.

Plenty of learners and special classes for them will be a daily affair in summer.

MORE MEMBERS MORE INCOME.( Actual members utilizing club facility like Bar,Card Room, Billiards,Shuttle Cock,Badminton and Cafeteria are not even 50% of the total number of members that the Club has on its member register.However taking Bye provisions its limited ),there are other members to be allowed from different clubs,govt dept and of course the local politician friends whose help in solving problems of the club are to be considered. As a member what are the benefits that they get is mostly social status in urban class who have to boast not only about their home and Car but also telling the name of the club to which they are members.Actually they wont tell you that they are members of a particular club but indirectly ask you to have a drink or dinner in their club the next time they meet.

Clubs in Bangalore.India.

One of the oldest clubs in the country, in the best traditions of English country clubs, has a recorded history of a century and a score. Sir Winston Churchill was among the many distinguished members of the Club.

Bangalore Club has affiliations with numerous clubs of its type and class, at home and abroad. In pursuit of excellence in club life, the torch of tradition has been passed on, down the years. The years have added to this heritage.

What would be the activities of the club like a day in its event organized by the club.

Wednesday 15 October

Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare, presented by the British Broadcasting Corporationat 6.00 pm in the Auditorium. Introduction by Ms. Meera Bose.

TEMPEST (DVD, 125 min)

Starring: Michael Hordern, Warren Clarke

Director: John Gorrie

TOMBOLA. In the Brigadier Hill Annexe from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

The membership of this club is not available to ordinary people or even a VVIP.There has to be a vacancy and if they have a waiting list it may be considered how high you are as a VVIP and how much money you have besides assets and position.The same guide lines are adopted in most of the clubs.In most of the Clubs the President of the club acts as if he is the President of a country elsewhere in another country.

Guidelines for Membership of some clubs.

Permanent Members

Ladies & Gentlemen above the age of 25 years

Each candidate for Membership shall be proposed by one and seconded by five other Permanent Members to all of whom he / she is personally known.

Temporary Members

Persons who are not ordinarily resident within the State of Karnataka are eligible for Temporary Membership

Candidates shall be proposed by one Permanent Member and seconded by two other Permanent Members

Service Members

Officers who are full time Members of the Indian Armed Forces may become Service Members for the period of their stay in the Revenue District for Bangalore. Service Members shall be recommended by the Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Training Command or the Sub-Area Commander Civil Service Membership Persons who are resident in the Revenue District of Bangalore and who are in the Consular Corps, United Nations, Officers of the Central and State Government not below the rank of Joint Secretaries of the State Government or equivalent thereto and High Court Judges may become Civil Service Members. Each candidate for Civil Service Membership shall be proposed by one and seconded by two other Permanent Members to all of whom he / her is personally known Corporate Membership A Public or Private Limited Company incorporated in India, Nationalized Banks, State Bank of India and its subsidiaries, Private Banks, Financial Institutions, Foreign Banks, Insurance Companies and Public Sector Undertakings having an office or factory in the State of Karnataka with the paid up capital of not less than Rs. 10 Crores, or a wholly owned subsidiary Company incorporated in India of a holding Company incorporated overseas with a paid up capital of not less than US $ 10 million or its equivalent shall be eligible upon the proposal of a Permanent Member, duly seconded and accompanied by a Statement of Particulars relating to such Corporate Organization, furnished by the Chief Executive thereof to be elected as a Corporate Member of the Club. Any such entity can opt for more than one Corporate Membership by being the last in the waiting list, if any, as on the date of registration of application provided there are no vacancies. Such Membership shall entitle the Corporate Member to nominate three of its bona fide Directors / Senior Executives for use of the facilities provided by the Club. Associate Membership Executives of reputed registered Corporate Organizations or Partners of registered firms and Trustees of reputed Organizations, all of which have a net worth of not less than Rs. 3 crores (duly certified by their auditors) or professionals and executives of reputed organization with an individual income of not less than Rs. 10 lakhs per annum for period of three years duly supported by Income Tax Returns for the period. The applicant should be a resident of and employed in the Revenue District of Bangalore. He / she may become an Associate Member if duly proposed by one and seconded by two Permanent Members of the Club and elected by the Managing Committee. The applicant should be above the age 25 years.

A word about Bangalores one of the oldest clubs.

Bangalore's Best.

The Bangalore Club was established in 1868 as the Bangalore United Services Club in the traditions of the Colonial Clubs for the officers of the British Empire. Many a past great have been the members of the Bangalore United Services Club including past British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill during his stint in India from 1896.

In 1946, the Club was opened to civilians and became the Bangalore Club. Since Independence, it has become one of the foremost clubs in Bangalore and India. Our members enjoy special privileges and facilities of the highest quality. From sports and gyms to banquets, bars and accommodation, The Bangalore Club provides the best for its members. The Bangalore Club has affiliations with numerous clubs of its type and class, at home and abroad.

The Bangalore Club’s stately central building blends 19th century notions of the British Empire and grandeur with 21st century efficiency and vitality. The resplendent Mysore room and the robust spirit of the Gentlemen's Bar preserve the antiquity of the club. The modern tennis, squash and badminton courts, the health club, swimming pool and the century old library, form a mosaic, interspersed with green lawns, trees, shrubbery and flowers in an 13 acre campus.

The Bangalore Club - A world unto itself; one of graciousness and elegance: history in the making.

Century Club. Bangalore's Beauty.

Located in Cubbon Park, a landmark in Bangalore – the city of gardens, it derived its name 'Century', from the number of members it expected to have. Today that figure has crossed the 5,000 mark, all of who have enjoined to observe its founder's request that members should conduct themselves with dignity.

The founder, the visionary and Bharat Ratna recipient Sir M. Visvesvaraya was keen to promote what he felt was good in English society, particularly their orderly habits, punctuality, restraint in speech and social behaviour. But, the factor that motivated him more was when he was the Dewan of Mysore and had planned a visit to the Bangalore United Services Club (now known as Bangalore Club). The staff of the Club asked him to take off the Mysore turban and put on a cap and wear a coat if he wanted to enter the Club. This disturbed him no end and he decided to start a club that would allow Indians; as during those days, the Cantonment areas did not allow Indians inside the clubs. He then wrote a letter to the government asking for permission to start a club. Our patron, Shri Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar, who was the ruling king at the time, sanctioned 7 acres, 20 guntas of land in Cubbon Park, Seshadri Road. The Century Club was thus founded in 1917 and Sir M. Visvesvaraya was the first president of the Club.

Century Club is truly an Indian club started by distinguished Indians and fostered by royalty, and also, a tribute to the engineers, architects and government officials who made the erstwhile Mysore State the most progressive in the country and laid the foundation for the growth of Karnataka State. The Club was a common meeting place for people to profit by meeting with leading men from beyond the state who visited Bangalore.

A home-away-from-home, Century Club beckons you and your family to the rustling of leaves and melodious chirruping of birds. You can enjoy a pleasant stay with the luxury you always wanted, at a price so very reasonable, that too, right in the heart of the city! A word of caution – once with nature, you might not want to get back indoors!

Once inside, a cool breeze wafts across a well-manicured lawn into the patio bar. It could be time for a post-work savoury snack and a steaming cup of coffee or perhaps a drink before dining sumptuously…contentment always rules with quiet assurance here. In short, it’s a nice place to catch up with friends or spend time with the family in an old world charm.

The recreational and gaming facilities at the Club include tennis, badminton, billiards, table tennis and tombola. It also has a restaurant, bar, library, chambers, supermarket, vegetable store, pharmacy, salon, cards room, children’s playing enclosure, health club and a swimming pool. There are party halls too, that cater to celebrate occasions. And on most weekends you will see cultural activities bring together members who wish to unwind and forget the drudgery of their daily routines!


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