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Coaches On the Hot Seat-2012 Edition

Updated on December 24, 2012

Well, It is time again for coaches on the hot seat. This past year saw several firings, and there will be some new guys who will get some leeway, for at least a few games.Who is on the way out the door right now?

Norv Turner


Norv Turner-San Diego Chargers

Norv Turner always seems to make this list, and then somehow survives the season. Every year, the Chargers look to be likely AFC West Champions on paper, then as the season progresses they under perform. This might be the year that A J Smith, the Chargers GM says enough is enough and gets rid of Norv Turner.

Update 10/15/2012 Norv seems to be doing fairly well this season, The Chargers did not get off to their normal slow start and lead the AFC West at this point.

Update 11/20/2012 After the last update, things have gone off the tracks for Norv and the Chargers. They look very lost on the field. I have a good feeling that Norv is toast barring a unexpected reprieve

Update 12/07/2012 .Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune:Reports the Chargers owner decided last month to fire Norv Turner and GM AJ Smith. Dean Spanos released a statement that the only person who makes that decision is him, and if he had decided that, he has shared it with no one,

Update 12/24/2012 It is fairly certain that Norv is a goner.

Andy Reid- Philadelphia Eagles


The Eagles owner, Jeffery Lurie, has warned that if his team goes 8-8 for the season, Andy Reid will be fired. Reid could be in trouble if the Eagles get off to a slow start as Lurie might not wait to see if things get better. There are always high expectations for the Eagles, and Reid may be in trouble here, especially with an injury prone QB.

The timing for Reid is unfortunate, just a few weeks after the death of his son at the Eagles training camp.

Update 10/15/2012 The Eagles are .500 going into their bye week, and things are not looking good for Andy Reid. He needs to find some answers in the coming weeks , and somehow endow Mike Vick with the ability to make less turnovers. The team and Vick especially has turned the ball over way too often.

Update 11/20/2012 Things have gone from bad to worse for the Eagles, and unless the owner has a change of heart, Reid will be gone by the end of the season.

Mike Munchak


Mike Munchak-Tennesee Titans

The Titans are playing terrible on both sides of the ball, and unfortunately, Mike Munchak is the common denominator. The Titans have in recent years always been competitive, so it remains to be seen how long a leash Munchak has.

Update 10/15/2012

The Titans are now 2-4 and things are still not looking so good in Nashville for Munchak.

Update 11/20/2012 The Titans owner has commented that he is not afraid to fire Munchak if the team continues to play poorly. It appears at this point things are headed that way.

Jason Garrett


Jason Garrett-Dallas Cowboys

Jason Garrett's name often comes up when the subject of hot seats is brought up. Jerry Jones loves this guy, but Jerry loves winning more. If the Cowboys can't string together some wins, Jason may be walking the plank. The Cowboys are in last place in the NFC East.

11/20/2012 While Jerry Jones still publicly supports his coach, the team plays like a ship without a rudder, and privately talk is swirling that Jones is trying to line up a new coach for next year. Very possibly Sean Payton.

Ron Rivera


Ron Rivera-Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have been terrible since Ron Rivera took over, actually, they were pretty bad before. While it is hard to right a sinking ship, Carolina expected to see more improvement this season. The Panthers are tied for last place in the NFC South

11/20/2012 Things are still ugly for Ron Rivera and the Panthers and the owner is publicly talking of firing Rivera. Not looking too good here.

Romeo Crennel


Romeo Crennel, Kansas City Chiefs

Romeo Crennel has had a terrible first year so far as head coach of the Chiefs. They are now 1-5, and the fans have been calling for the heads of Scott Pioli, and the Chiefs QB, Matt Cassel. Reportedly, the Chiefs ownership responded by extending Pioli's contract by 2 years. Cassel is currently out with a concussion, and Brady Quinn, his replacement has been less than stellar.

The Chiefs have shown some signs of life, but have not led a game in regulation all season.

So far, not many have been calling for Romeo's head, but that will soon change. I really like Romeo, but wish he would have hired a better offensive coordinator. The new OC is Brian DabolI. As far as I can tell, Daboli has never been successful as a offensive coordinator. The offense has been disorganized all season.

11/20/2012 The Chiefs woes continue, and despite a spirited showing against the Steelers, they are still turnover and mistake prone. (Dancing after a touchdown, Anyone?)

There are a group of fans that have rented billboards and planes flying banners asking that Clark Hunt fire General Manager Scott Pioli. If the Chiefs fire Pioli, it is likely that Crennel will be fired so the new GM can hire his own coach.

After this weeks tragedy in Kansas City involving Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend, sentiment has softened on firing Romeo Crennel. It very likely may still happen, but the public demonstrations asking for Scott Pioli and Crennell's resignations have been cancelled.

12/24/2012 Reports say the Crennel and Pioli have been informed that they will be terminated at the end of the season. I know it is doubtful, but I would love to see Crennel back as DC.

Dennis Allen-Oakland Raiders

After a few weeks of public criticism of the head coach by the owner, it is reported that the Raiders are in talks with Jon Gruden to coach the team in 2013.

The Raiders have issued a statement denying any talks with Jon Gruden.

Dennis Allen-Oakland Raiders

Dennis Allen

The latest coach of the Raiders is on the hotseat after comments from Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis stated that he was embarrassed and disappointed by the teams performance. Usually a new coach has more than one year to pull things together. I guess we will soon know if Mark is as quick on the button as his father, Al was.

Most people close to the Raiders believe that Dennis Allen will be fired after the last game of the season.

Lovie Smith Chicago Bears


Lovie Smith-Chicago Bears

Lovie Smith started the season well with the Chicago Bears, and it would seem that a string of injuries and three losses in a row could spell the end of the road for Lovie. According to reports out of Chicago, the general manager has been told he can fire Lovie if he would like too. Time will tell.


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    • puter_dr profile image

      Mike Bouska 5 years ago from Midwest USA

      Norv may make a return to the Cowboys if Jerry Jones gets tired of Jason Garrett. I don't see Garrett going anywhere unless the Cowboys get off to a really slow start.

    • BLACKANDGOLDJACK profile image

      Jack Hazen 5 years ago from Blitzburgh area

      How about Bobby Valentine? Stick a fork in that guy. No wait, wrong sport.

      Yeah, I don't think Norv and Andy are going to have the real good seasons, which they probably need to keep their jobs. Andy goes how Vick goes, and don't bet on that QB staying healthy.

      One more reason why I love the Steelers. No musical chairs for the head coach.

      Andy won't have any trouble getting another head coaching job if he gets fired. I doubt Norv will.