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Baseball: Coaching The Uninterested Player

Updated on May 5, 2008

Do you have children on your youth baseball team that really aren't interested in playing baseball? Take it from experience, it can become a big problem and can cause distractions.

The usual cases are kids who just aren't interested from day one, those that lose interest as the season goes on and those that have a problem focusing for more that two minutes.

Over the last couple of years I've seem more kids who can't seem to concentrate for more that 2 minutes. They require constant attention and take time away that would otherwise be focused on team as a whole.

The best tip I can give to help minimize the distractions that result from uninterested kids is to have a meeting with the parents and players at the beginning of the season to establish behavior guidelines. Trust me, this will help avoid any problem with the parents when enforcing the rules.

The rules are common sense. .

  • Pay attention to the coach
  • Look at the coach when he's speaking
  • Support your teammates
  • No fighting
  • No fooling around in the dugout

Repeat offenders could be dismissed from the team. It may not seem fair but as a coach you need to keep order.

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    • B4UPLAYBALL profile image

      B4UPLAYBALL 9 years ago from NYC - USA

      Tough situation, very tough!! I have been in that situation in the past when I was an assistant coach. Here is what I did to address it.

      I got the coach alone in a neutral place and explained that we have an issue with one of the kids on the team that needed to be addressed immediately. Now that I had his complete attention, as tactfully as possible I explained that HIS SON was misbehaving in the dugout and it was disrupting the team. Believe it or not he had no idea!!! I told him that it wasn't fair to the other kids that his son wasn't reprimanded and respectfully mentioned that in the future I would have to reprimand his son.

      At the next game when the coach's son acted up I reprimanded the boy and he looked over to his father. His father completely backed me up and it helped solve the problem.

      The bottom line here is you gotta talk to the coach. If he still doesn't do anything get other coaches and/or concerned parents together and discuss it. Most important - don't make it adversarial - don't take a stance where the coach is going to be defensive - that will get you nowhere

    • profile image

      joe don 9 years ago

      Yeah, but what do you do when the kid that is not interested and doesn't pay attention is the coach's kid?