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Coaching Youth Flag Football

Updated on November 18, 2011

Is it better to win games or teach the kids fundamentals?

Coaching youth flag footbalI can be challenging but very rewarding. Obviously the reward always comes at the end of the year when as a result of your dedicated coaching the kids have improved as players. One of the challanges coaches face is the question, "is it better to win your games and be competitive or teach the kids the fundamentals of flag football?"

This question always arises even if we don't ask for it. You start the season with the right intention of teaching fundamentals and the game. Many even go as far as to say they don't care if they win or lose. But then it happens - after the first game, you get badly beat. Out of fear of not satisifying the parents, the coach deviates from original game plan and strives to win at all cost.

This is very important - regardless of the age group. Learning the fundamentals of flag football comes before winning. Winning will come after the kids adapt the fundamentals of the game of flag football. The real job of the coach is to teach fundamentals and the game of flag football. If you keep this intact the wins will come. And if they don't, you'll at least leave your team better prepared for the next coach and season.

It's real easy to get caught up on playing a couple of your stud players to keep the games close and competitive. The problem comes later in the season when the others players have not developed due to lack of playing time. The season is not about one game and should be planned out so your playing your best football at the end of the season. I've seen it time and time again - the best teams at the beginning of the year aren't always the best team's at the end. The teams that work hard at improving every player, will be a better TEAM at the end of the season - Playoff Time.

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