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Cold Weather Running

Updated on January 9, 2010

Dressing For Winter Running

Dressing For Cold Weather Running
Dressing For Cold Weather Running

Keeping The Ears Warm On Cold Running Days

Whether or not you believe in global warming, if you run in the cold you know you need more than a layer of ozone to protect you!

Running in the cold is just not that complex. Everyone knows there are lots of high tech fabrics to help keep us warm and comfy, yet not muggy while working out in the cold. But while these products have great marketing behind them and are indeed comfortable, the vast majority of us who are content with 30 minutes or so can do just fine with a standard cotton tee shirt, layered with any appropriate combination of turtleneck, sweatshirt, fleece outer, windbreaker, etc.

It's relatively easy to protect the major body parts from the cold, but the extemities are the first to feel the bite if unprotected. I'm talking about fingers and ears. Hands and fingers can be tucked up into your sleeves if you happen to have misjudged the temperature and went out without gloves, but if you find yourself in the middle of a run wishing you had brought a hat, hood, or earmuffs, you're kinda SOL (Sorry, Outta Luck). Running with your hands over your ears is not the most convenient way to do it... Plus you look like a goof!

My favorite, most versatile winter garment is my fleece ear warmers. lt's not the kind of girly ear muffs that my mom used to wear, but rather, a soft, warm, reasonably masculine-looking way to keep frostbite and stinging away from my ears on my winter runs. These ear warmers loop around the back of the head and the tension keeps them comfortably in place as I jostle & jog.   As I lose more of my hair up top I may have to trade them in on a full cover, but for now they go with me on every run that I think might be chilly. I can keep them in my front sweatshirt pocket or tuck them easily inside a waistband if I decide I don't want them,

On more than one occaision the ear warmers (no, you can't make me say "ear muffs") have made the difference between a miserable run and an enjoyable outing!


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