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Coleman Propane Lantern Review

Updated on August 1, 2014

If you're planning on going on a camping trip this summer, you'll need some equipment to help you get through it. You'll need a tent, a sleeping bag, matches, dry clothes and some food, and you'll also need a good, dependable light. In the depths of the night, it's very important to be able to see what you're doing around camp. That's why one of the most important pieces of camping equipment you can carry is a Coleman Propane Lantern. Coleman has been making lanterns since the very early 1900s and with over 50 million lanterns under their belt, they're the absolute experts in the field. They offer a large variety of lanterns including the best propane lanterns ever made.

All Coleman lanterns have some distinct similarities; they are well built out of the best materials and extremely durable. They're made to last for a lifetime of outdoor use, providing years of dependable service. In fact, some families actually pass down their coveted Coleman lanterns to their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Besides having a keepsake from the original owner of the lantern, these future generations also get a useful piece of camping equipment that they can use and then pass on as well.

Most Coleman propane lanterns come in both a single and double mantle versions. The type you choose will depend on just how much light you are going to need. If you're looking to light up your entire campsite or back yard, a double mantle version is the best choice. On the other hand, if you only need just a little bit of intimate lighting in a smaller area, a single mantle would be appropriate. Both types of lanterns are available in match light and auto light versions, again, depending on your needs, one may suit you better than the other.

Coleman One-Mantle Compact Propane Lantern

If you are looking for a dependable, easy to use propane fuel based lantern, then the Coleman One-Mantle Compact Propane Lantern is one of the best options. There are several things that make this specific lantern a good choice, starting with price, it's on the lower end of the scale, less than $40 making reasonably priced, especially since they tend to last for years and years. You can adjust the light level from dim for a more intimate experience to a brighter light to illuminate more of a dark campsite. Lighting of this type is absolutely essential for a safer, more secure experience in the wilderness. The compact size is another benefit, especially when you've got to tote all your supplies into a campsite, smaller is better. It uses a 16.4 propane tank and the lantern is known to operate a long time on a single cylinder of propane. Overall, it's a great compact lantern, economical in terms of purchase price and operating costs, it gives out plenty of light and it will last for years.

Coleman NorthStar PerfectFlow InstaStart

Another really good Coleman propane lantern is the NorthStar PerfectFlow InstaStart model. It comes with a convenient hard carrying case to protect it against damage during travel, a nice feature that keeps your investment safe. This little lantern puts out a lot of light, 1543 lumens, which is enough to light up a big camp site or a small back yard, an amazing amount of light from such a small lantern. Most people that use this lantern find that the propane cylinder will last anywhere from 4 to 9 hours, depending on how high you've got the light set for. Changing the cylinder is fairly easy, compared to lanterns from other makers, and it's simple to light too so you won't have to fumble around too long before you get the light back on if the cylinder does run out. This is the lantern of choice for families and large groups that need to have their campsite bright enough to use during the evening and nighttime hours. Like most Coleman lanterns, this model is made to last, and it wouldn't be surprising to have it around decades from now.

Coleman Pinnacle PerfectFlow Lantern

The Pinnacle PerfectFlow Lantern is another highly recommended propane lantern from Coleman. It's the brightest of the Coleman Propane Lanterns range, providing plenty of light for all those things you need or want to do after dark. You won't have to stay close to the campfire, fumbling around the site hoping you don't trip over anything. This lantern has many features that make it great including instant start, and a burn time of around 5 ½ hours on a single 16.4 propane cylinder. It's also got a stainless steel finish so it's weather resistant, meaning it won't rust and fall apart. All in all, you really can't go wrong with this lantern, it's perfect for all your lighting needs in the campground or back yard.

Overall, if you are looking for a propane lantern for outdoor use you can't go wrong with any of the well-built, efficient and long-lasting Coleman lanterns. Coleman lanterns have been the go-to lantern for for generations of campers and any one of their models are sure to last you for years to come.


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