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Colin Cowherd: Why I Love Him

Updated on February 26, 2010

Or rather, why I love his show.  Colin Cowherd, host of "The Herd" on ESPN Radio, definitely isn't for everybody, and he'll tell you as much.  I've heard others describe him as obnoxious and arrogant, and I certainly can see their point.

But what makes his show great is that it is a sports talk show that's not really about sports; and not just that -- it's certainly been done before -- but it's how he does it.  One the one hand, he has an Everyman appeal; he's just a guy, not a large than life personality.

On the other hand, Cowherd isn't crass or overly macho.  Some sports-shows-that-aren't-really-about-sports have so much testosterone pumping through the studio you'd think they'd be drowning it.  That isn't Cowherd.  In fact, he borders on metrosexual at times.  He's not quite there, but you can perceive a faint whiff of it, just a dab.

He knows he isn't the best prognosticator.  He knows that he can't break down X's and O's better than most.  Heck, he'd probably tell you he doesn't know sports better than most others in his profession.

He knows his limitations and his interests.  He doesn't want to spend his life glued to a television screen watching sports around the clock.  He doesn't want to break down combine film at 2am.  He'll never be an expert without putting in the work, but he doesn't care.

Honestly, most of the "experts" can't predict what will happen any better than the average listener.  Colin knows this, and doesn't bother with it.

What makes Cowherd great is that he knows he's just an entertainer and he embraces it.  He doesn't take things too seriously; maybe it's his West Coast background, but he keeps sports in perspective.  It's about fun, just like his show.

Really, when it comes down to it, the reason I love "The Herd" is because I just enjoy listening to it.  There's no deep reason, just simple pleasure.

Colin, keep up the good work.


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