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College Football Poll: Top 25 as of September 4, 2012

Updated on September 4, 2012

Bigger Win during week One

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Well week one is done in College Football. We had a few upsets and some great games coming down to the end. The following is my top 25 teams after week one. I have my own system that i use that rates clubs based on what the have done on the field this year.

There are 246 clubs that play in the FBS and FCS. At the beginning of the year i broke this clubs up into 25 groups. I did use preseason rankings to determine the groups. For example Alabama and LSU would have been in group one where Mississippi Valley State and Savannah State would be in group 25. A team earns points for winning games. Of course the tougher the opponent the more points you will receive. Case in point Alabama received a lot more points for beating Michigan than LSU did for beating North Texas.

You will not agree with all of my selections. I expect that and can understand it. We don't always agree with the polls or computers. I decided to do my own. Just remember to only think about what you have seen on the field not what you think a club should do rest of the year. With that said here is the top 25 after week one.

Top 25:

1. Alabama 507

2. Michigan State 484

3. Nebraska 479

4. Notre Dame 470

5. USC 469

6. Clemson 457

7. Virginia Tech 453

8. Oregon 443

9. Nevada 437

10. Ohio State 436

11. Baylor 435

12. Tennessee 434

13. South Carolina 434

14. Iowa 431

15. Oklahoma 427

16. West Virginia 425

17. Texas 420

18. Miami-FL 419

19. Wisconsin 415

20. Iowa State 415

21. BYU 414

22. Ohio 410

23. Louisville 408

24. Florida 403

25. Arizona State 397

I know you are like WHAT! where is LSU, Oklahoma State, Stanford or Arkansas. Think about who they played. To give you and idea of my system. LSU received 137 points for beating North Texas giving them 387 points on the year. Michigan State received 254 points for beating Boise State. That moved them by LSU giving them 484 points. You get rewarded for playing tougher teams and winning. You will also lose less points if you lose to tougher competition. Boise State lost only 34 points for losing to Michigan State where Penn State lost 100 points for their lose to Ohio.

Please fell free to comment and tell me what you thought of week one and what matchups are you looking forward to in week two.


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    • Drunken gator profile image

      Drunken gator 5 years ago

      Yes poll will change a lot over the course of the first month. Teams like LSU and Oklahoma State will be ranked. Playing weak teams to begin season is bad to me.

    • profile image

      obustudent7 5 years ago

      Very interesting poll! Obviously the poll will gain accuracy as the season progresses but LSU and Oklahoma State definitely deserve to be ranked. I understand how your poll works however and am curious to see how the rankings change week to week.