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College Football Power Rankings for Week 13

Updated on November 21, 2010

College Football Week 13

 It is week 13 of college football and just two weeks left in the regular season as this week starts rivalry week for most teams.  I have decided to come up with my own method of power rankings for college football since the real top 25 is my opinion quite political and bias.  Some teams are not deserving of there rankings such as the bcs has Oregon #1 ahead of Auburn.  Oregon has beaten just three good teams this year so far.  Don't get me wrong I think Oregon is a great teams but Auburn has played a tougher schedule with in there conference and there non conference schedule as well.  I have LSU over Oregon as well being that LSU has one loss coming from Auburn and LSU has beaten some good teams as well.  So here is my top 25 power rankings for college football going into week 13 (rivalry week).  I also have each ranked team, there top victories on there schedule.

Impact Defensive Players

DT Nick Fairley (JR) - Auburn
DT Nick Fairley (JR) - Auburn
LB Kelvin Sheppard (SR) - LSU
LB Kelvin Sheppard (SR) - LSU
DE Kenny Rowe (SR) - Oregon
DE Kenny Rowe (SR) - Oregon
DE JJ Watt (JR) - Wisconsin
DE JJ Watt (JR) - Wisconsin
LB Chase Thomas (SO) - Stanford
LB Chase Thomas (SO) - Stanford
SS Jeron Johnson (SR) - Boise State
SS Jeron Johnson (SR) - Boise State

My Top 25 Power Rankings of College Football

  1. Auburn (11-0) - Bes Wins (Miss. State, Clemson, South Carolina, Arkansas, LSU, Kentucky)
  2. LSU (10-1) Best Wins (North Carolina, Miss. State, West Virginia, Alabama, Florida)
  3. Oregon (10-0) Best Wins (Tennessee, Stanford, USC, California)
  4. Boise State (10-0) Best Wins (Virginia Tech, Oregon State, Hawaii, Fresno State)
  5. Wisconsin (10-1) Best Wins (Arizona State, Ohio State, Iowa, Michigan)
  6. Stanford (10-1) Best Wins (Notre Dame, USC, Arizona, California)
  7. TCU (11-0) Best Wins (Oregon State, Baylor, Air Force, Utah)
  8. Ohio State (10-1) Best Wins (Miami(Fl), Illinois, Iowa, Penn State)
  9. Alabama (9-2) Best Wins (Penn State, Florida, Arkansas, Miss. State, Tennessee)
  10. Oklahoma State (10-1) Best Wins (Tulsa, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Baylor)
  11. Arkansas (9-2) Best Wins (Texas A&M, Georgia, South Carolina, Miss. State)
  12. Michigan State (10-1) Best Wins (Notre Dame, Illinois, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Michigan)
  13. Virginia Tech (9-2) Best Wins (East Carolina, NC State, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Miami,Fl)
  14. South Carolina (8-3) Best Wins (Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee)
  15. Texas A&M (8-3) Best Wins (Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Nebraska, Baylor)
  16. Nebraska (9-2) Best Wins (Washington, Oklahoma State, Missouri, Kansas State)
  17. Missouri (9-2) Best Wins (Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Kansas State)
  18. Oklahoma (9-2) Best Wins (Florida State, Air Force, Texas Tech, Baylor)
  19. Florida State (8-3) Best Wins (Miami(Fl), Boston College, Clemson, Maryland)
  20. NC State (8-3) Best Wins (Georgia Tech, Boston College, Florida State, North Carolina)
  21. Nevada (10-1) Best Wins (California, Fresno State, BYU)
  22. Arizona (8-3) Best Wins (Iowa, California, Washington)
  23. Iowa (7-4) Best Wins (Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State)
  24. Illinois (7-4) Best Wins (Northern Illinois, Penn State, Northwestern)
  25. Miss. State (7-4) Best Wins (Georgia, Florida, Kentucky)


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