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College Football Sucks in 2015, At Least For Me And My Teams

Updated on April 16, 2017

First - Introduction to my Teams

At least from this point in the College Football season the selection committee for the College Football playoffs have got it right. Each team seems to control their own destiny, meaning they win and they are in. At this point in the season they are:

Clemson - Alabama - Oklahoma - and Iowa

The problem with this, is that none of them are my teams. In the beginning my teams were in the hunt, each could of have been a contender. Oh, how the start of the season brought such high hopes for me. Usually I have only a few teams I enjoy, but this year I added a third one. But the third team is always a fluid choice changing year by year. So without further delay here are my teams.


After living in Utah for most of my life I have grown to love two Utah teams, the Utes and the BYU Cougars. But the Cougars have remained an Independent team making it very difficult to compete for a championship. Even though they have one already. While I still watch, and root, for the Cougars whenever I get a chance, it is the Utes who I grew to love. It was during the glory days of Urban Meyer, and Alex Smith, and there top seasons. Their win over Alabama and other teams. All back when they were in the Mountain West Conference.

Now as a PAC-12 team they can challenge for a championship each and every year. This year with a good returning senior class, a better seasoned QB, and a possible Heisman candidate running back it seemed like they had a decent change. So hopes were high for me this year for the Utes.


My family all grew up in Michigan. My mother was born in Ann Arbor, so it only made sense we would have Maize and Blue in our blood. Each and every Rose Bowl they played in my Grandfather and I spent watching them play. The fight song echos through my brain each and every game day and with the hiring of Coach Harbaugh it seemed to be only getting louder with anticipation.


After I saw a movie featuring the current coach of the Navy football program I knew I had to follow them this year a little more closely. Ken Niumatalolo seems like a fascinating person with a great grasp on teaching or youth the game of football and developing fine young men. More importantly he motivates and guides these men who go into active duty in the military and serve our country. To me there is no better group of men and women then those who serve our Country, and protect us each and every day.


Well I had the teams I wanted to root for and now all I needed to do was wait for the season to open. An boy did it OPEN WITH A CURVE BALL. Utah would play Michigan head to head at the beginning of the season!

What Are Your Teams!

Leave a comment below, and let me know your favorite teams, and your 2015 College Football experience.

The First Part of the Season - Pure Bliss

So right out of the gate I had a rooting decision to make. Who would have thought that the Utes and Michigan would be playing on the field. What made it worse was that I so wanted to attend this game but I had just completed a move half way across the country.

So there it was Michigan versus Utah and I had to decide. So I made the decision any fan would make, I chose to watch the game and be happy with whatever the outcome. But I knew that my chances for a Championship just got cut in half on the very first day. What a BUMMER!

Well Utah ended up winning the game and went on a tear winning the next 5 games and even putting a beating on the Oregon Ducks with 62 points. Things were looking so good for the Utah Utes. They had a solid defense, a great running game, and the quarterback position seemed to be solved with Travis Wilson not making huge mistakes. They were ranked as high as 4 in the AP rankings and seemed to be on the way.

Michigan rebounded from their loss to the Utes and went on a tear of their own. They went on to win their next 5 games even beating my loved BYU Cougars. They got back into the rankings are were looking forward to their in state rival match up with the Spartans. It was all coming together.

Meanwhile at the Naval Yard, the Midshipmen were not expected to challenge for a spot in the playoffs but with a new position in a conference they could play to win that conference, and play in a New Years six bowl game. That would be a huge accomplishment. They did well in the beginning winning 4 in a row and were undefeated in play with a win over Air Force which is always good for them.

So the first third of the college season was pure heaven and things were on the way to being PERFECT. Even Michigan had an outside chance to work themselves back into the top four spots as a Big 10 representative.


My Favorite Teams

The Utah Utes football program is a college football team that currently competes in the Pacific-12 Conference.
The Utah Utes football program is a college football team that currently competes in the Pacific-12 Conference. | Source
The Navy Midshipmen football team represents the United States Naval Academy in NCAA Division I FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) college football.
The Navy Midshipmen football team represents the United States Naval Academy in NCAA Division I FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) college football. | Source
The Wolverines have won a record 910 games and have an all-time winning percentage of .735, also the best in college football history. Michigan won the inaugural Rose Bowl in 1902.
The Wolverines have won a record 910 games and have an all-time winning percentage of .735, also the best in college football history. Michigan won the inaugural Rose Bowl in 1902. | Source

Utah defeats Michigan in Jim Harbaugh's debut - 2015 College Football Highlights

Disaster and Everything Comes Undone

Well here I was chugging along in the 2015 season on the train of high hopes and fulfilled expectations. It was headed for glory on seeming cruise control.

Utah had won all of its games, was undefeated in conference and were going to face a USC team that were having an identity crisis with their coach having severe personal problems. Then they fire the coach, put in a coach the players love, and suddenly Utah goes into the game as under dogs. No matter they still should win the game. But I was nervous because it seemed like USC had so much more to play for, which was to prove that the choice in the coach should be a permanent one. Little did I know that this premonition would parley the USC Trojans into a spot in the PAC-12 championship gain. Yeah that was a SPOILER ALERT, as Utah did not play at all well and got beat badly and almost got doubled up on in a high scoring game. Well there goes their chances to make the playoffs, they still had an outside chance but needed some help...a lot of help.

Navy on the other hand was facing a Notre Dame team outside their conference who was ranked very high. They were not expected to beat them anyway and a loss would not really affect their conference title changes and New Years six bowl chances. A win would certainly catapult them to a place where they have not been in a while. But Notre Dame beat them soundly and they walked out of there with heads held high knowing they gave their very best.

Michigan was running on very high expectations. They seemed to have figured out their identity and were establishing themselves as the tough Wolverines of old. They went into the Michigan in state rivalry game knowing they could beat the Spartans. And they did through 99% of the game. Then something happened that you probably have never seen in College Football in a very long time and probably will not see for a very long time again. DEVASTATION for Wolverine fans and pure ELATION for Spartan fans. If per chance you have not seen the video then watch it below. It explains it all. To this day it still stings in my belly.

So in one week everything I held dear for my teams were put on the field and pulverized into football goo. Each team suffered a potentially season killing loss and furthermore loss their change at football glory for the 2015 season.


Michigan loses to Michigan State on last play of the game on a flubbed punt snap

The Last Part of the Season All Hope Is Dashed

Well despite everything that happened in that fateful week. Things still had a chance. Alabama lost a game, and so did Stanford, and Utah still had to play several more conference games. Michigan still had to play Ohio State and so did the Spartans who also lost a game.

So there was hope. There was some light at the end of the tunnel. The train was still on the tracks and headed to Hopesville and chugging on "a wing and a prayer" coal. These next weeks would define each program and test their mettle.

Navy won out and all they had to do was beat Houston and Army and they would be most likely in one of the New Years six bowls. Houston had just come off a loss and had some injuries and looked shaky. But they came in well prepared for the Navy running attacked and ran up the score crushing Navy and their dreams of moving on. Now they can look forward to beating Army and still getting into a good Bowl game. But they could have had so much more. Oh so much more. But in the end they still had a wonderful season compiling a record so far of 9-2 with the Army-Navy game to go.

The Utah Utes could still play for a PAC-12 championship, and maybe if they won that game and had some help with losses they would be in the playoffs. But it was a long shout. First they had to win out. And that THEY DID NOT DO.

First came some bad news, Devonte Booker, their star running back and a huge contributor on offense was injured in the Arizona game and Utah lost that game in overtime. Later they found out they would lose Devonte for the year. Well there goes that team and their chances. Lets wait for next year. But what do you know, they still had a chance to play for the PAC-12 championship. All they needed to do was beat UCLA and they would be in provided they win the last game over Colorado. But it wasn't to be for the Utes, to much of their offensive power was gone and the Bruins ran over them, but just barely. A final win in Colorado punctuated a season of WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN, and sees them off to another placement in a good bowl game, but not the Rose Bowl.

So Michigan had the best shot of redeeming my hope for starting my playoff dreams once again. With several different scenarios and some close wins over Indiana and Penn State they found themselves once again in the hunt for a Big Ten title shot. If they won the Big 10 championship and with a lot of help from other teams, then who knows they may have a shot at one of the playoff spots. First Michigan State had to beat unbeaten Ohio State, then they would need to beat Ohio State. But alas the Spartans won out and will play Iowa in the Big Ten championship game.

So the last hope, the once team that fought and persevered the entire season had their hopes dashed by the Buckeyes again. The train ran out of coal, the engines are shut down, all out of "hope" gas. And all that is left are the fumes of consolation prized in lower tier bowl games.

Utah Utes wide receiver Kenneth Scott (2) scores a touchdown ahead of Colorado Buffaloes defensive back Tedric Thompson (9) during the first quarter at Rice-Eccles Stadium.
Utah Utes wide receiver Kenneth Scott (2) scores a touchdown ahead of Colorado Buffaloes defensive back Tedric Thompson (9) during the first quarter at Rice-Eccles Stadium. | Source

Did Your 2015 College Football Season Meet Expectations?

See results

In The End What I Learned

You know I am not sure what I learned form this season. I dont think I will just give up on my teams and wash my hands of the whole College Football scene. But I do wish there are times where other teams can become champions. It gets tiring seeing the same teams over and over play in the big game. So my teams will be ranked as 19,20, and 22 with only Navy playing one more game.

What about the under dog. Or the team that has never been there. Like last years NBA Finals at least one team was going to win who has either won a championship or hasn't done it in a long while. Is it to much to ask for a little shake up, some change in the guard, and for once seeing the little guy triumph. Where is the Gipper, Rudy, or those other great stories.

Well for now I will watch my bowl games like a dutiful College Football fan and drink my holiday "what could have been" flavored eggnog, and sit in my chair of self pity thinking of what might have been.

Gchanmako is a blog writer of all things in sports, religion, business, and life.


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