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College Football: bad call for South Eastern Conference

Updated on October 12, 2015

Unbeaten teams versus best teams

Associated Press and coaches have published the weekly poll for the college football ranking (October 11th – October 18th. Of course, the undefeated teams are on the top. Which one would have top ranking teams without starting with those that have not yet lost?

Early in the season, most polls designate at least five teams of South Eastern Conference among the first ten places. It’s right because this conference has football programs known as strong in all country. Being in the same conference, all these big teams have to meet.It means one has to lose. Unfortunately, the loss seems like the most important criteria used in AP and coaches polls. If it is admitted that some conferences are stronger than the other ones, the ‘’unbeaten criteria’’ is not reasonable enough to rank the teams with equality and fairness. Some teams have tough schedules in their conferences, some no. At the end of the day, all teams, including the ones with a soft schedule, are ranked according the win-loss criterion.

It ‘s like a bad call for South Eastern Conference teams like Alabama, Mississippi States, Louisiana State, Ole Mississippi, Georgia, Texas A&M, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas…They have to meet every year. Is it possible to stay unbeaten in this kind of conference, and have ipso facto the opportunity to be qualified for the playoffs? Something has to change now in the selection of the best teams in the light of their value and their schedule.


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