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College Football is about Money, not Sportsmanship

Updated on January 8, 2011

Tim Tebow - injury in a college game could have stopped his pro career

College football is all about money. Sportsmanship takes a backseat. The more important a bowl game, the more money a school makes by being invited to participate. And how do they get invited? Not just by winning most or all of their games, but by running up big scores. That is how they are evaluated by whomever does the deciding.

So, the idea is to humiliate your opponent. Who cares how much you embarrass them or how badly you make them look in front of their fans, friends, families?

And how about the reserves, the guys who have knocked themselves out in practice for months? They deserve to at least get in a game, but they usually don’t - because running up the score is more important.

The stars are in jeopardy, too. They’re hoping to make it into the pros, where again, it is about money. So the coaches keep them in the games even when they are exhausted, maybe even have possible head injuries. And when they are most vulnerable a serious injury could end their pro careers before they even start.

A case in point was Tim Tebow, star quarterback and former Heisman Trophy winner from my alma mater, The University of Florida. In the 2009 season he was still in the game when the Gators were sitting on a 24 point lead when he suffered an injury. Fortunately, it was not serious enough to jeopardize his chances in the NFL - but it could have been.

That same season, USC coach Pete Carrol was quoted in The Los Angeles Times as saying “ This is not stuff indicative of playing good football.” because his team merely defeated The University of Washington by a couple of touchdowns instead of annihilating them.

And, as further proof of college football being all about money, consider the fact that head coaches usually make two or three times as much money as the presidents of their schools.


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